Dallas pays higher average wages than Los Angeles

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Progressives dismiss Texas as a land of minimum wage workers — that their job growth is at the expense of a “living wage.”  Of course, they ignore the dramatically lower cost of living in Texas, where a comparable home costs less than half what it does in California.

But let’s put the COL differential aside, and consider the difference between working in “Deliverance” Dallas and vibrant Los Angeles.  What’s the average wage in each city?

Turns out, the average weekly wage in Dallas is HIGHER than Los Angeles, BEFORE the COL is factored in.

All Private Sector Workers:

Dallas                       $1,131
Los Angeles              $  992

Much of this difference reflects the dismal nature of LA and California, which have been abandoned by manufacturing firms. More interesting, perhaps, is how the two cities stack up on “professional and business services.”

All Professional and Business Services Employees:

Dallas                      $1,293
Los Angeles            $1,244

From an employer standpoint, Texas employees are still a bargain vs. California. But the liberal mantra about Texas offering primarily minimum wage jobs fails to pass the giggle test.



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