Crystal Crawford (D) will challenge Assemblyman Martin Garrick (R) in North County’s 74th District

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Garrick   v    Crawford

This week Del Mar Deputy Mayor Crystal Crawford filed the papers to
officially start her race against GOP solon Martin Garrick
in the 74th district.

The Crawford bid was long rumored, but only took concrete form when
the Del Mar councilwoman took out ‘Petitions in Lieu of Filing Fee’ from
the Registrar of Voters office on Tuesday.

—————————– PROFILE OF THE 74TH AD

Republicans hold nearly a 25,000 – voter edge over Democrats in
this jurisdiction [98,862 to 74,150 as of Dec. 8, 2009]. In percentage
terms, the voter profile here is: Repuiblicans 41%, Democrats
31%, Independents 23% and just 5% for the minor parties.

Martin Garrick first won the seat in 2006 with a 20,200-vote majority,
and 58% of the field, when Mark Wyland moved to the State Senate.
In 2008, Garrick’s margin was cut to 18,200 by The Obama candidacy,
and a 3rd-party entry, but that was still enough for a 50% to 40% victory.

Cities in the District
The 74th includes these six cities, listed from largest to smallest in
population: (1) Carlsbad (2) Escondido (3) Encinitas (4) San
Marcos (5) Solana Beach and (6) Del Mar. The country town of
Rancho Sante Fe is also included.

The Candidates and the Race
The 74th took on Statewide importance in October when Allan
Hoffenblum’s California Target Book named it one of the top
13 contests in the Assembly. The Target Book noted candidate
Barack Obama carried the 74th with 50% to John McCain’s
48% in 2008.

Ms. Crawford has served on the Del Mar Council since 1998
and works as general legal counsel for a local Bio-Tech firm.
Garrick, a successful businessman and community leader,
seeks his 3rd and final Assembly term.

Garrick’s campaign commmittee reported $176,299 “cash-on
hand” as of June 30, 2009. Crystal Crawford listed $27,754.
Those totals will be updated in a few weeks for money raised
through December 31, 2009.

Crystal Crawford is likely to be Martin Garrick’s most serious
Democratic opponent to date, both as an elected official and
owing to the Target Book report. She faces the challenge,
however, of being from the 74th’s smallest city. Del Mar casts
just 1% of the Assembly district’s votes.


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  1. I checked out the link on “Issues” on the Crawford site. Maybe I am missing something but interestingly enough, I don’t see any issues addressed. Hmmmmmmm…

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