CPR: Chad Mayes and Rocky Chavez—With “Arnold” Lead Democrat Effort to Take Over GOP

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From Steve Frank

Assembly members Chad Mayes and Rocky Chavez voted to raise your gas taxes by up to 72 cents a gallon, starting January 1, 2020—in the infamous cap and trade bill.  Where do THEY want the money to go—roads, streets, freeways?  Nope, upwards of $500 million a year to the choo choo to nowhere.  Now they have joined with Arnold Schwarzenegger—who supported Hilary Clinton for President and with AB 32 killed California jobs and raised the cost of living in the former Golden State, to destroy what is left of the Republican Party in California.

“We are here because the soul of our great Republican Party that inspired each and every single one of us is worth fighting for,” said former Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, the keynote speaker in east L.A. at the first meeting of New Way California.

Read it all at CAL Political Review.


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