Congressman Scott Peters: Pick Your Racist Ass Up Off The Floor

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Scott Peters is a waste of space. One of the reasons I never got too worked up about him is because he has occupied the back bench of Congress for four years and has done nothing. I like legislators who do nothing because it generally means my life, liberty, or property isn’t in peril. But Scott Peters, like his henchwoman Maryann Pintar, is a bigot and now he’s starting to act upon it.

I gave Peters a pass when his homophobic campaign hack Pintar maligned Carl DeMaio in 2014. I was wrong to distinguish between the two.  When Pintar cooked up the gay sex scandal, just days before the November 2014 election, Scott Peters should have spoken out against her actions; he didn’t.

Now, Peters joins the rest of the 19th Century Democrats by staging a protest on the House floor. These Boll Weevil Democrats want the chance to vote on legislation which would deny American citizens their civil rights, without due process, because they have funny sounding names, aren’t white, or practice the same religion which only 2% of the country does.

Yes…that’s what the Democratic Party’s gun control law does; it denies the ability to purchase a gun if your name is on a list. This list isn’t comprised of convicted criminals; it’s comprised of “suspects”. House Republicans want to amend the bill, to match the Cornyn-sponsored bill, and require the authorities to present evidence to an independent judge, prove probable cause, and generate a warrant. That principle is called “due process of law” and it’s been the staple of the human liberty movement since the Magna Carta.

The Democrats opposed gun ownership by free blacks before Republicans passed the 14th Amendment, opposed the 14th Amendment, and passed the ante-bellum “Black Codes” to deny African-American their natural right to self defense…because of their skin color. 

The “terrorism watch list” is rife with errors and its information is infecting the NCIC database.  Senators, Congressman, veterans, and actors have all been flagged because their names sounded similar to someone who MAY have been a suspect of terrorism. The names on that list are mostly those of non-white individuals.

Scott Peters knows this. The man has done absolutely nothing in his four years in Congress, and he’s up for re-election. Rather than follow the Constitution, and refuse to deny Americans their civil rights without due process, he is staging a spectacle to hurt minorities. He’s ginning up press by playing on the fear of the non-white American. Simply put, Scott Peters is a racist.

Let him know that you won’t stand for this.


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  1. As much as I agree with you, those rich bastards in La Jolla will put him right back in.

    Wish we could get Dave Roberts to run against him.

  2. What’s your argument Sam? If you can refute my claim, have at it.

    Either Peters is too stupid to understand that this legislation hurts minorities or he’s a racist. Which is it?

  3. So Brian – let me understand – they guy who says “Like no other group, blacks venerate the “gangsta” culture, coupled with a remarkable disdain for “bitches.” It’s almost “bad form” for a black man to marry a woman he’s impregnated.” Is not a racist.

    But the guy who supports preventing people on the terrorist watch list from buying a gun is?

    This is why you have Trump – the leaders in your party string together words and pretend that they have some meaning. But, for example, when confronted with real racism, real bigotry, amongst your friends, you beg off. You earned Donald Trump with this stuff.

  4. Brian,

    “House Republicans want to amend the bill, to match the Cornyn-sponsored bill, and require the authorities to present evidence to an independent judge, prove probable cause, and generate a warrant..”

    No, they don’t!

    The last time I checked, the House of Representatives does not have a filibuster rule and a simple majority can pass any bill. Since the Republicans have a solid majority, they could pass any bill they want. The fact of the matter is that they are afraid to vote on, let alone pass, any gun control measure whatsoever regardless of how reasonable and even if 90% of the public are in favor.

  5. Let’s see here, no guns for the terrorist watch list, most of them are brown people = you are racist? Your logic is astounding.

  6. Brian – Your reliance on Southern Democrats of the 50s and 60s as indicia of Democratic racism today suggests the fallacy of your argument. But more troubling is your willful ignorance of the bigot in your midst. It is sad that you lack the courage of your convictions and can’t bring yourself to call out a bigot like Richard Rider. Shame on you.

  7. Brian this is the greatest title in the history of sdrostra, especially if you say it like Wesley Snipes did one line like it in “New Jack City’. From all the people complaining and criticizing you, you know you’re right.

    To all those criticizing Richard Rider, did I miss something because I didn’t see his name in the post. If you have an issue with him contact him privately, I’m sure he’ll respond.

  8. Post


    Normally I would agree with you but there is something odd about Peters. He does… nothing in Congress. No notable legislation introduced, no memorable arguments, and a voting history which is designed to generate 51% of the vote in a reelection. Like I said, normally that doesn’t bother me. I can only think of two things which are memorable about Peters and both happened months before he us up for re-election:

    1- his campaign intentionally manufactured a false sex scandal against his opponent
    2- his performance to defend legislation which denies due process (and has racist results)

    That is indefensible.

    Sam, make the argument and defend Peters.

    You can’t.

  9. Brian – You have made no coherent point, thus there is no counter argument to be made. You call Congressman Peters and his staffer bigots because they put faith in the word of one of the mentally disturbed people who used to work for Carl DeMaio – I don’t see it.

    You appear to suggest that John Lewis is a racist. Really? Really?

    And you stand silent to protect your racist friend – again shame on you. Show an ounce of courage and call out the bigot in your midst.

  10. Post
  11. Funny, I asked Peters why he was sitting in now given the Dems had control of the House, Senate and Presidency and DID nothing and now they want to sit in asking for absurd legislation…..

    Of course Peters never responded as he was too busy doing nothing, sitting on his butt, collecting TV air time and being paid with our tax dollars to respond…..


  12. Brian,

    Are you claiming that the terrorism watch list is racist because a disproportionate number of people on the list are “non-white?”

    If so, I am sure you would also agree that our higher education system is also racist because “whites and Asians” are over-represented.

    I am sure you would also call our criminal justice system, and anyone who believed in strict criminal penalties, racist because “non-whites” make up a disproportionate number of inmates.

    And let’s not forget home ownership. I am sure that you believe that, with such a relatively small percentage of Hispanics and African Americans owning homes, the whole real estate industry must be racist too.

  13. Brian – During his campaign, Carl DeMaio highlighted his endorsement by that bigot Richard Rider. I guess the two of you are racist enablers. Shame.

  14. I would much rather belong to a party with a shameful past of pandering to racists, than to one with a shameful present of pandering to racists.

    Brian, please explain the “Southern Strategy,” and how it reshaped electoral maps in ways that continue to the present day. Also explain David Duke, and whether you believe Donald Trump’s claim that he doesn’t know who David Duke is.

    The truth is, our country missed an opportunity to marginalize racists when the Democratic Party made the bold decision in ’64 and ’65 to abandon the Dixiecrats and support civil rights and voting rights. Sadly, the Republican Party decided chasing those votes was more important than maintaining the moral high ground they previously occupied.

  15. Encinitas Dad – Don’t hold your breath waiting for Brian’s response. Brian is comfortable making dramatic assertions of bigotry, unhindered by facts, when it suits his political purposes, just as he’s comfortable ignoring his friends’ history of racism when it suits his purposes.

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