Concerned with guns, California considers legislation to end Biathlon competition at any Olympics in state

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California has been the site of only one Winter Olympics, the 1960 Squaw Valley games. It was also the Olympic debut of the sport of biathlon, a traditional Northern European competition combining cross country skiing and rifle shooting.

Despite there being no plans for a future California Winter games, some in the legislature want the state to make a statement against the use of guns in Olympic sports.

The resulting legislation, AB 3261, co-authored by 12 Democratic members of the California Assembly, would ban state funds to any community hosting the site of a Winter Olympics if a biathlon competition is included in the games.

The bill was orginally submitted in February as a gun control measure, yet without any specific language, typically known as “spot” legislation (to hold a spot until the full language can be worked out). It was amended last Thursday to include the anti-biathlon wording, catching many in the legislature by surprise as they became aware of it throughout the holiday weekend.

“We understand this will be an uphill battle, but we have to start making a statement on guns somewhere,” said Assembly Public Safety Committee spokesperson Aaron Ross. “We could have tried to make this about all the shooting events held at the Summer Olympics, but that’s for another day. At least in the Summer events the guns are confined to the particular venues. But in the biathlon the competitors carry their rifles, assault weapons really, over a lot of terrain while skiing, near homes and residents. You just don’t know what could happen. It’s dangerous.”

Some view the legislation as a largely symbolic gesture, especially considering the anticipated reaction from both the International and United States Olympic Committees.

Yet others, despite knowing full well this is the very start of April, also know the measure of a good tale is whether it has a modicum of believability.

In California that always seems to be the case.


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  1. What is wrong with these people for goodness sake!! When you think leaders of California couldn’t get more ridiculous they go Father making another law for absolutely no reason demonizing a sport that really has nothing to do with California yet limits future Olympic opportunities just to be a socialist state. If there were ever a needed change of elected officials in Sacramento it’s NOW!! It’s time to bring our State back to political center one that represents ALL Californians!!

  2. Great news! This useless bill will rile up the pro-liberty base against the gun grabbers. Encourage the Dems to use Hogg as their spokesman!

  3. John and Dan,

    Did you note the date of the post? More importantly, do you ever try to confirm a story before ranting about it?

  4. Make everyone afraid and scared of assault weapons, then call everything an assault weapon. California’s plan is to disarm the populace, they will do it one piece at a time until they have made criminals of anyone owning a gun. All Federal funding should be withheld from commifornia until they stop denying people their rights.

  5. This was a terrible April Fools’ joke, considering that it was not even remotely funny and legislation such as this is all too real in California. The only comedic value here is that an employee of SDRostra was stupid enough to author this piece and thought others might enjoy it.

  6. Post
  7. So bolt action .22’s are “assault weapons”???? What kind of fools are getting elected in California that they consistently come up with this type of idiotic legislation? How can the people consistently find this pointy headed nincompoops on their ballot? My. Goodness.

  8. Bob,

    “What kind of fools…?” Try April Fools.

    Do you ever try to confirm an article is true before you go on a rant? Or do you just believe everything you read as long as it conforms to your narrow political beliefs?

  9. Paranoid outrage at a story, even after it’s revealed as a fictional joke.

    The GOP zeitgeist.

  10. 561 shares, which may be a record for SD Rostra.

    How many of them think it’s a real story.

    Congratulations SDR, for accidentally highlighting the problem of online misinformation and disinformation in America generally, and the GOP specifically.

    This is the greatest threat to America.

    The dark ages happened once; we could be repeating history.

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