CNN’s Soledad O’Brien today interviews Judge candidate Gary Kreep on Marine-criticizes-President Obama Free Speech case

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It’s  not every day a SD Superior Court candidate appears on National TV, but Gary Kreep (office 34)  did today, quizzed by Soledad O’Brien on her CNN  “Starting Point” show.  Read the interview of Gary Kreep and USMC Sgt. Gary Stein here.  CNN posted ‘breaking news’ from the 20-minute interview as follows:

[UPDATED 8:20am ET]… Sgt. Stein’s attorney Gary Kreep says if Stein loses his hearing on Friday, plan is to file with 9th Circuit Court.

[UPDATED 8:19am ET] Sgt. Stein’s attorney Gary Kreep says Stein can’t be discharged for what he wrote.

[UPDATED 8:16am ET] Marine Sergeant Gary Stein, who faces a less than honorable discharge for criticizing President Obama on Facebook, says his comments were made on a closed forum and only 3 people saw them.


Kreep is co-counsel for Sgt. Stein, who criticized President Obama on Facebook. The conservative “United States Justice Foundation” he leads is joined on defense by the ACLU’s San Diego chapter (!),  an admirable example of Right-Left cooperation.  The Union-Trib now has related  coverage, published after the SD Rostra story first appeared.


Kreep, a Ronald Reagan delegate to the 1976 and 1980 GOP National conventions, is one of two candidates for office 34 of  the San Diego County Superior Court.  The contest will thus be settled in the June primary election.  The incumbent is retiring from the bench, leaving this “open seat” race.


CNN summarized some other key points covered in the 20-minute interview as follows:

Should members of the Armed Forces be allowed to use social media to voice political opinions? The answer to that question could decide the fate of Marine Sergeant Gary Stein this week, who is facing a “less than honorable” discharge for comments he made on Facebook criticizing President Obama.

Despite repeated attempts by Sergeant Stein to halt the process, a panel voted 3-0 last week to recommend he be discharged from the military, a move that would render him ineligible for veteran’s benefits.

In a “Starting Point with Soledad O’Brien” exclusive, Marine Sergeant Gary Stein and his attorney Gary Kreep, Executive Director of the United States Justice Foundation, explain to Soledad why this case cuts to the heart of the First Amendment and one’s right to free speech.


DISCLOSURE:  Gary Kreep for Judge 2012 is a client.


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