Clinton 2012: Hillary a party wrecker?

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Not that I wouldn’t get the biggest kick out of seeing some flashy pant suits – which she Hillary-iously referred to as a the “Sisterhood of the Traveling Pantsuits” (haha, oh my sides).

I personally just can’t see her going through it all over again.

Her husband, former President Bill Clinton faced off with Meet the Press host David Gregory recently looking thin enough for viewers to ask if he was in good health. Geez, guess I gotta get rid of that image of him feigning his Presidential jogs (into McDonald’s). And she’s, well, looking a bit exhausted these days.

But apparently, the good folks at old Gallup see the pant-suit queen possibly squaring off with President Obama – her former opponent. And despite it being two years out, her numbers don’t look half bad.

Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to see a solid opponent to the president if for no other reason than to not look like his incumbency should be enough to win. But does she, hubs and fam have the wear-withal to go against the party? Me thinks not.

Note that the Gallup article reported the Clintons “strongly supported Obama’s nomination.” Hmmm, guess my memory must be a bit fuzzy. I recall them being a bit more tempered and fairly Luke warm in their endorsement.

It reminds me of my favorite Saturday Night Live skit that year on this very topic:

So, what say you? Could the Clintons be party wreckers in 2012?


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