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What is my problem with Republicans? All too often their values (which I generally agree with) are abandoned. They talk tough and uncompromising when they are out of power or sitting in Washington as the minority party. Then, shortly after they win elections and regain the majority, our faithful representatives worry more about getting reelected then doing their job. They shake and quiver and lose sleep over the prospect of our main stream media calling them (gasp) extreme!

“Oh no! Not extreme! Anything but extreme!”

As a result of playing dodge ball to avoid that sinister title, Republicans quickly forget how their previous “moderation” and outstretched hands across the isle ignited volcanic rebellion with a betrayed base that booted them out of power. Yes, our Grand Old Party has a memory the size of a corn kernel.  In short, my issue with Republicans is that generally they do not follow through with their promises.

What then, is my axe to grind with Democrats? Quite frankly, they do follow through with their promises, a much greater danger for our country.

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