Christopher Rodriguez Launches Campaign for Congress in California’s 49th District

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Press Release

Hispanic Combat Marine Christopher Rodriguez Launches Campaign for Congress in California’s 49th District

Launch Video Tells Sergeant Rodriguez’s Story

Details His ‘No Excuses’ Fight for the American Dream

Oceanside, CA – Christopher Rodriguez, combat Marine, businessman, city councilmember, and father of 7 today launched his campaign for Congress in California’s 49th district. The district covers north coastal areas of San Diego County into portions of southern Orange County, including Camp Pendleton.

The campaign’s launch video, No Excuses, features Christopher’s story and fight for the American Dream. Click here to watch the video.

“The American Dream isn’t handed to anyone, you have to fight for it – no excuses,” said Rodriguez.

Rodriguez, a Republican, says his campaign will focus on winning back the 49th district from liberal Mike Levin and exposing the hypocrisy of the one-party rule of the Democrats who claimed they would govern from the center but have instead pushed for bad ideas like the Green New Deal, defunding the police and massive socialist spending policies that have already started an inflationary crisis.

“We have been lied to by Mike Levin. This guy said he was going to be a moderate, problem-solver in Washington. What has he been in reality? Mike Levin is one of the most reliable votes for Nancy Pelosi and AOC’s socialism in Congress,” Rodriguez said. “He’s simply a fraud. He wants us to believe he’s bipartisan but all he has done is obey Nancy Pelosi. I’m running for office because I know this district doesn’t want a spineless wimp in Congress,” Rodriguez said.

Rodriguez’s story is about overcoming multiple hardships from gang life to young fatherhood to multiple combat missions in Baghdad and Fallujah. He built a successful business and rose to become one of the top Hispanic Realtors in the Nation. His story is the true American dream.

Read more about Christopher’s bio here. More information can be found on the newly launched campaign website,


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  1. As a US Congressman, I hope at the top of Rodriguez’s positions will be to run on stopping Pres. Biden’s ridiculous policy to allow transgender males to compete in female sports. That Biden policy trashes Title IX. Below is a link discussing a high school girl’s first-hand experience with this horrible policy. Levin is a fraud who undermines the vast majority of voters in his district by supporting Pres. Biden’s horrible far-left public policies.

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