Chief Tribal Judge Anthony J. Brandenburg Endorses Bonnie Dumanis for Mayor

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Anthony J. Brandenburg, Chief Judge of the Intertribal Court of Southern California, announced today his endorsement of Bonnie Dumanis for Mayor of San Diego.

Chief Judge Brandenburg praised Dumanis’ work with the Native American Tribes in San Diego County. “Under Ms. Dumanis’ leadership, our San Diego County District Attorney’s office is the first in our state to develop and maintain a continuous and well-respected relationship with the Native American Tribes in our county,” said Brandenburg.

Dumanis was the first District Attorney to hold regular quarterly meetings with the tribes, outreach to the Tribal nations with public safety educational programs, and assign a prosecutor who works with the tribes. She also coordinates regular meetings with tribal leaders, the District Attorney’s Office and the Sheriff’s Department.

After working as an attorney in private practice with a focus on criminal law, business contracts, and labor, family, and juvenile law, Anthony J. Brandenburg was appointed to the California Municipal Court as a Commissioner and later elevated to the Superior Court. While serving on the bench at the Vista Courthouse, he worked in a variety of capacities, handling both civil and criminal proceedings.

The Intertribal Court of Southern California provides members of the Native American community and their participating tribes with a culturally sensitive judicial forum in which to present and resolve disputes.

Dumanis is endorsed by more law enforcement organizations than any other candidate for Mayor. Her endorsements include the San Diego Police Chiefs’ and Sheriffs’ Association, California Narcotics Officers Association, California District Attorney Investigators Association, California Code Enforcement Officers Association, Peace Officers of California, San Diego District Attorney Investigators Association, San Diego Narcotics Officers Association, San Diego Deputy District Attorneys Association, San Diegans Against Crime, Oceanside Police Officers Association and the San Diego Community College Police Officers Association.

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  1. Tony Brandenburg was a liberal Democrat nominee for Congress in San Diego, back in 1982, and lost to Republican Rep. Bill Lowery in a landslide. So WHY does the Bonnie Dumanis campaign come to a conservative website like this one with news that another Liberal backs Dumanis for Mayor? Is anyone awake over there? This press release should have gone to Two Cathedrals.

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