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A Conservative Latino’s View on Politics…

The Republican Party has struggled to reach minority communities. The top reason I hear for losses is “changing demographics.” BREAKING NEWS PEOPLE! Those demographic changes will continue and are increasing. However, I can help the Republican Party change what my brothers and sisters believe, and how they vote.

Changing Demographics

Some state “changing demographics” as a legitimate excuse to justify the continual losses, especially when discussing party leadership. In 2015, I had enough with “identity politics.” Switching from NPP to Republican because I wanted others to realize we’re not all leftists. We’re not all willing to sell our souls for freebies. We’re also conservatives.

What solidified my decision? An article stating about 16 precincts in Los Angeles County didn’t field a Republican Party candidate. After reading that, I knew, as a Latino/Hispanic, I had to become part of the “identity politics” battle.

Nothing Else Matters

Do you support the Second Amendment? Are you Pro-Life? Is gas too high? Are taxes and fees too high? Do you believe our values, principles, and laws to protect us are ignored and thrown aside? Guess what? Until we win elections, that’s likely to continue.

Change will only happen by spreading the Republican and conservative messages of truth to minority communities. Truths that allow us to live the American Dream.

A Conservative Latino

As a conservative Latino/Hispanic, I offer a unique perspective on the American Dream and can share that through conservative messaging.

America allowed my parents to come from nothing to live a life my grandparents could only dream of. They made sure we did not experience the hardship and extreme poverty they endured. Their dream allowed me to help commercialize and popularize a new industry – fantasy sports!

Volunteering and Serving

I became politically active in 2015, working on the Ted Cruz for President and Tom Del Beccaro for Senate campaigns. I then successfully ran for the Valley Center Community Planning Group.

I’ve helped promote projects to bring jobs to our growing community while making sure we meet the community’s needs. With these experiences, I’m ready to help the Republican Party with its outreach.

My name is William Del Pilar, and I’m running for Republican Party Central Committee to help the GOP reach a base they’ve struggled with the past 35 years. If you live in the 75th Assembly District Caucus, vote Del Pilar.


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