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On September 17, 1787 our Founding Fathers ratified the Constitution of our great nation. On the 222nd anniversary of this event, what have we become as a country? The Constitution and its Amendments were created by a freedom loving group of people who had fought the hard fight and won. They fully understood what it was like to live under tyranny and established a form of government that protected the individual’s God-given rights from the potential oppressiveness of government. This new system was only to be successful if we were a nation of people who believed in personal responsibility, morality, private property ownership and limited government.

Fast forward 222 years and we are in the midst of a Constitutional crisis. More people would rather hand over individual sovereignty for a little stability or perceived safety, and we will receive neither. Our elected officials are not understanding the principles of our founding documents and sadly, many have not even read them. We continue to elect elitists to our congress and senate who serve life terms with blatant disregard to our laws, our Constitution and our Liberty. Government has gotten way too big, too intrusive, and has forgotten who it works for.

We restrict our inalienable rights yet give the title of “rights” to things or programs which only bloat the size of an already out of touch government; like healthcare, bailouts, etc. Government has taken over the auto industry, has printed fiat money with no gold backing faster than they can count it and has levied a tax burden on our grandchildren unlike any we have seen in our history. All of these actions are unConstitutional, yet they continue.

We can change the course of our country – if we understand and discern our founding principles. Why not take this time, the anniversary of the ratification of the Constitution to actually read it to your kids? If we who love Liberty would tell our children what it was like when we grew up and how our liberties and rights are given to us by a loving God and cannot be allowed to be taken away by a government run amok. Dust off the Constitution and let the light of truth be spoken in your homes. Let us make sure that every attempt to limit our freedom is answered by a knowledgeable citizenry who will not accept the false hope and promises of change that are destroying our Republic before our eyes.

The Founding Fathers fought the initial battle, but now it is up to us. This precious gift of our Constitution which has created the greatest nation on earth, has been won for us and so many who do not understand or value its importance are willing to allow its protections to be infringed. Upon leaving the Constitutional convention, Benjamin Franklin was asked'”What have you wrought?” He replied, “A Republic, if you can keep it”. Now it is up to us.


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  1. Know your Blogger!

    I must admit that I must know the person whom I am reading. It helps to understand the quality and breadth of the writer. Marie Waldron is a City Council Woman from Escondido, CA. She walks the walk and talks the talk.

    I don’t know how many times I have heard: Where are all the Republican Leaders?” Here’s one. Bright, beautiful, articulate and intelligent!

    I am proud that my research uncovered such a dynamic leader and woman.

    You can also find her at: http://www.redcounty.com/mwaldron

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