CD-52: “The biggest shift of any House race”

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“Double Downgrade”
Peters’ Re-Election Prospects Downgraded Again – and Down Two Levels!

For the Second Time in 2 Weeks, DeMaio’s Entrance into the Race Cited as the Leading Factor to Peters’ Downgrade

San Diego – Less than a week after the Cook Political report downgraded Scott Peters’ re-election prospects from “lean Democrat” to “toss up,” another leading national analyst has downgraded Peter’s chances of being re-elected – this time dropping Peters two levels from “Likely Democratic” all the way down to “Toss-up.”

Peters’ downgrade by Sabato’s Crystal Ball was their largest downgrade of any House race in the country. Once again, the strength of Carl DeMaio’s candidacy was cited as a major factor leading to the substantial downgrade.

The University of Virginia’s Center for Politics, Sabato’s Crystal Ball provides detailed and frequently updated analysis for elections across the country. The Crystal Ball has been a leader in accurately predicting elections since its inception – in 2012 they accurately predicted every House, Senate and gubernatorial race in the country.

After Peters won the 52nd by one of the smallest margins in 2012, Sabato’s Crystal Ball classified the 52nd Congressional as “Likely Democratic” for the 2014 election cycle. With DeMaio now in the race, their ranking of Peters has plummeted down to “Toss-up”:

“The biggest shift of any House race over the past couple months comes in the district of Rep. Scott Peters (D, CA-52), which moves from likely Democratic to toss-up thanks to the entry of Carl DeMaio, a Republican who nearly won San Diego’s mayoral race in 2012. DeMaio, who is openly gay, is presenting himself as a new generation Republican…”

DeMaio’s candidacy has already attracted major national attention, with Washington observers pointing to DeMaio’s success in getting reforms done in San Diego on a bipartisan basis and acknowledging the role DeMaio can play as a “New Generation Republican” who focuses on pocket-book, economic and quality of life issues in a more positive and inclusive way.

DeMaio has been a top recruit of the National Republican Congressional Committee who’s early polling shows DeMaio with a 10 point lead over Peters – the best polling numbers in the country for any challenger. The poll also showed DeMaio with a significant favorability advantage over Peters.

DeMaio carried the 52nd District with 58% of the vote during the mayoral race in 2012. He was a proven reformer on the San Diego City Council and gained national attention for being the spearhead behind San Diego’s successful Comprehensive Pension Reform initiative in June of 2012. Read more about his candidacy at

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