We Caught Vista Councilman Cody Campbell Lying…AGAIN

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Good grief, we caught Vista Councilman Cody Campbell lying again in the first Vista City Council candidate debate.  You may recall how we busted him for saying he opposed the SANDAG Highway Robbery Tax (Measure A) after he voted to support it.  In that same forum, he said (at 53:15 in the video) that he opposed red light cameras but as was reported by Teri Figueroa of the Union Tribune, Campbell voted to KEEP red light cameras.

Okayfine.  Vista Councilman Cody Campbell is a big, ol’ liar.  We know that.  When will Teri Figueroa report this then?  She reported that Campbell SAID that he opposes red-light cameras when she previously reported that he voted FOR red light cameras.  The staff here at San Diego Rostra also furnished Ms. Figueroa with irrefutable proof that Campbell lied about his opposition to the SANDAG Highway Robbery Tax and she hasn’t changed the story.

If the media won’t hold Democratic candidates accountable, who will?

I guess it’s up to the volunteer blogging team at San Diego Rostra to tell you that Campbell is a liar.  Tweet this, share it on Facebook, and email it to as many Vista voters as you know.  This guy needs to be retired before he has a chance to start lying about REALLY important things.


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