Vista’s Cody Campbell Caught Lying About the SANDAG Highway Robbery Tax

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Do you remember how maniacal I was about getting elected officials to vote up or down on the SANDAG “Highway Robbery” Tax? I know I was unpopular with the political class in the Spring but the strategy was sound. Let’s start here:

cody-photoThe U-T’s Teri Figueroa reported on the first Vista Council Candidate Debate where incumbent Councilman Cody Campbell joined the other candidates in opposition to the SANDAG Highway Robbery Tax:

There was not a lot of daylight between the candidates on some issues during a rapid round of yes/no responses. All seven wanted to remove the city’s five red-light cameras, and none support Measure A, the half-cent sales tax increase that the San Diego Association of Governments has placed on the ballot.

It is election season, so no incumbent candidate wants to be on record in support of a massive tax, especially one where Vistans pay and San Diegans benefit. But just four months ago, we reported that Cody Campbell voted against a resolution to oppose the SANDAG Highway Robbery Tax (aka Measure A). And we have video (start watching at 2:05).

On the video, you will see Campbell trying to avoid a public vote (I wonder why?), but he lost that battle and had to vote.  On April 26, 2016, Vista Council Member Cody Campbell voted against a resolution to oppose the SANDAG Highway Robbery Tax.  Stated differently, four months ago Campbell supported the tax.

Now, Campbell says in a public forum that he opposes the tax. Maybe he changed his mind or maybe he finally read the stupid proposal. Maybe…he just lied about it.

Somebody should confront him about this. Campbell is either incompetent as a Councilman or a liar.

Memo to elected Republicans: THIS is why I wanted public votes on this tax proposal and this is why so many of you wanted to avoid that vote.

We caught Vista Councilman Cody Campbell Lying AGAIN


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  1. You are right. He lied about it. I went back this morning and verified it because of a discussion on Facebook about this very matter. Glad you caught it too. He’s a kid with his hand in the cookie jar. Literally, he is a kid! We have so many great candidates to choose from in Vista, we just need to make sure not to split the vote and let this kid sneak back in.

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