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  1. NDH,

    Do you think DeMaio did that because he has integrity or was it perhaps because he wants to run for that seat after Hunter is removed from office?

  2. Duncan Hunter is on notice! After his punishment he will probably be the only politician who does not miss-appropriate funds. He is much better than the alternative. He stands up for and protects the veterans and has vowed to protect and defend the US Constitution.

    Thanks for your endorsement list. You’re not a politician because you have a way of telling the truth without the PC BS. Thanks for all that you do.

  3. Hypocrisy,

    A little birdy told me this weekend that Hunter is going to accept a plea deal after the election.

    So, I assume you are correct. DeMaio is going to ride the prop 6 wave to Congress.

    Joe – Hunter is so guilty, it’s not a question of if he’s going to prison, it’s when.

  4. NDH:

    Thus far, you have posted comments here as Not Duncan Hunter, Lakeside Dude, and Jim. The rules from our About page…

    Anonymity through the use of pseudo-names or handles is allowed, but commenters should use the same name for every comment entry, so as to not falsely appear to be more than one person commenting on the same or several matters. Select a name and stick with it.

    Some also believe they are being cute by selecting a name specifically matched to their comment, such as commenting on Councilman Smith under the name “Smith is a Clown.” That’s not a name and falsely assumes the commenter will be using that same name for every future comment, even when the topic isn’t Councilman Smith. Such comments will be changed to “Anonymous” by administrators.

  5. I looked over Carl’s endorsements and I have to question 2 of them.

    (1) CA #50 Hunter. It is essential that he wins as he is WAY better than the Democrat candidate. Also, once he is back in DC, I was told he will share my education solution with Pres Trump.(see link below)
    That is a game changer in itself – to tell all parents – Democrat, Independent, Republican that you will spearhead the disconnecting of our education system from the globalist agenda (see book ‘The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America’ by Charlotte Iserbyt).
    CA’s dismal education system ranks 39 out of 51 states BUT we should be in the top 5! With a Red Wave, we can achieve that ! My education solution recently published should be talked about by every R candidate.
    Will someone get my article to John Cox? He can win if he makes this promise to all CA parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles
    is everyone okay with Gavin Newsom’s ‘Cradle to Career’ globalist indoctrination plan?

    (2) Superior Court Judge Gary Kreep – no endorsement? I hope Gary is re-elected but with both Democrats and Republicans told to vote against him, it will be deja vu all over again as with John DeBeck, San Diego School Board.
    It appeared that John was the only person not controlled by the unions and I read that parents later regretted their voting choices in that election.

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