Cap Weekly: AD 77 and SD 36 among “primary contests to watch on Election Day”

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Yes, we already knew that.

But, here is the story from Capitol Weekly.

Most importantly, here are the pertinent sections related to the San Diego area contests…

AD 77 – This seat came open two years early when Assemblyman Joel Anderson, R-La Mesa, decided to mount a bid for state Senate. Another three–way race, this one includes El Cajon City Councilman Bill Wells; Brian Jones, a Santee City Councilman; and Christine Rubin, a former staffer for Senator Mark Wyland, R-Escondido. Wells appears to have the most endorsements, including the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, though Rubin is well-connected and boasts the support of several sitting GOP legislators. Jones has some local support, but may have made some enemies in 2008 when he attempted to take on local Rep. Duncan Hunter in his own primary; he lost by 56 points.

SD 36 – Assemblyman Joel Anderson has his hands full with Riverside County Supervisor Jeff Stone in this race to replace Dennis Hollingsworth. Anderson has proven to be a crackerjack fundraiser during his time in Sacramento. But he ran afoul of the Fair Political Practices Commission for allegedly funneling money through county parties into his campaign. Stone has come under fire for money his sister has received from Stone’s campaign warchest, and receiving use of a county car.


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  1. I don’t see Wells as a competitor in the race for the 77th. He doesn’t engage the voters or the other candidates. You can’t win a race without actively campaigning.

  2. The one not mentioned here is Greg Stephens in the race for California Senate in the 36th District running against Joel and Jeff. I’ve heard Stephens. You seem to be underestimating that one.

  3. Post

    If you click on the tag “36th Senate District” at the bottom of the post, you will see that we have indeed mentioned Stephens, and he even has a guest column posted on Rostra. As for this specific entry, it is from Capitol Weekly, not us. They failed to mention him, probably because they’ve seen little from him and don’t believe he has a serious chance. There is a little over two weeks for him and his supporters to change that perception, if true.

  4. It’s difficult to “underestimate” a campaign when it has virtually nothing going on, no mail, no advertising, nada. Mr. Stephens will finish in the bottom two, if not last, easy.

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