UPDATED — Can Murtaza Baxamusa Tell The Truth?

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UPDATE: Expect a swarm of zombies from the lovely people at Daily Kos. Baxamusa has comfirmed my expectations of his character: Not only has he kept his lie about Rostra in place, he’s put his post there on DK. Read the comments, if you’re brave, and you’ll see just what I mean by lovely.

For a taste of the reason and compassion for which Kossacks are deservedly known, read this 2006 thread about the lung cancer of the late conservative writer Cathy Seipp. Here’s some comments from that thread, which chastised her for the horrid crime of opposing universal health care:

“Screw this bitch.  Her existence is a black spot on humankind’s lung.  There are plenty better humans who suffered her illness who should now be living if it weren’t for people like her.  No sympathy!!”


“If she really wants to make a difference now, she should donate her organs to liberals and have herself euthanized.  Anything short of that still reaffirms her own obsessive selfishness.


“Her illness is the result of years of her pent up hate coming back at her. She caused her own disease.”

* * * *

As I said, lovely. And these are the kind of folks who rail against hate on the right.

We shouldn’t be surprised. A certain faction of the left habitually lies and blames its opponents for what it practices. They’ll cry “hate” as a tactic to suppress free speech — which these so-called “liberals” can’t tolerate coming from those who disagree with them. You saw that with the immediate smear of the Tea Party after the Gabby Giffords shooting. You’re seeing it now.

But the smears and intimidation are also a tremendous, if backhanded, compliment from that faction (which by no means includes all on the left). Their policies are becoming increasingly unpopular with the public as their politics have been discredited. And on the local scene, SD Rostra is growing in readership and influence.

SD Rostra emerged organically, from an eclectic mixture of conservatives of varying stripes with a few odd Libertarians thrown in. Its group blog has a large base and a “big tent” philosophy that not only tolerates but encourages discussion of different points of view, be it on gay marriage, abortion, drug legalization or immigration. Meanwhile, that left-wing faction’s Astroturf outfits and blogs, both nationally and locally, are going nowhere. The various attempts to ape the grass-roots vigor of the Tea Party with their own top-down creations have floundered.

So that faction does what it’s blindly programmed to do: attack their opponents for “hate.” The truth doesn’t matter to these people. We can’t expect honesty from them; all we can do is point out their lies and trust in the fairness of the public.

Rostrafarians and fans, be confident. We’re going to endure a tremendous amount of filth from some truly depraved people who care nothing about the truth — because we are making a difference.

And now for my original post:


Labor organizer Murtaza Baxamusa has falsely claimed that an SD Rostra article published the address of labor leader Lorena Gonzelez, presumably sparking a rock-throwing attack on her house.

Here is the headline with his baseless charge:

False and inflammatory headline

False and inflammatory headline. Click photo for link to inaccurate blog post.

The article as published on SD Rostra gives the lie to this. It never gave Gonzalez’ address. but merely mentioned the neighborhood in which she lived. I guess that narrows it down to a few thousand houses!

A second inaccuracy:  It wasn’t a brick.  Gonzalez said she found a “heavy rock” — not a brick — in her home with the broken glass. But what’s one more falsehood when you’ve already slimed someone?

From the SD Rostra Post

From the SD Rostra Post

Baxamusa, who Rostra readers may have read about in one of my columns, is a labor activist for the misleadingly named “Middle Class Taxpayers Association”, a union-organized group. He’s also writing at the union-backed “We Party” site, opposed to the Tea Party — where he publishes an outright falsehood against a Rostra columnist.

As I’ve said before, whoever threw the rock through Gonzalez’ window is vile and belongs in jail.  Richard Rider wonders in the comments if this attack was staged by union backers to discredit a critic.

I won’t go there. But I do know that the behavior of Baxamusa and company, who are wetting themselves with glee trying to smear Rostra with false charges and innuendo, is deeply disgusting.  It’s the action of someone who would rather distort and falsify for political gains than stick to the truth.

Baxamusa’s false and inflammatory post only confirms what has been increasingly apparent — he doesn’t think he can win a fair argument.


 (DISCLAIMER — This is my opinion, not that of my employer, the North County Times).


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  1. “Mission Bay” neighborhoods can include Pacific
    Beach, Mission Beach, and Bay Park. There are
    more than 50,000 people living in those 3 fine

  2. Baxamusa – I hope he’ll fix post to reflect the truth even though said truth undermines part of his argument.

  3. Post

    Baxamusa will probably take his time about correcting the post — just to make sure people see the bogus smear. He doesn’t strike me as a very honest fellow.

  4. 50,000 people, exactly one named Lorena Gonzalez. Will you guys give it a rest already? Roach was wrong, Rider continues to be wrong and at some point can you just stop trying to justify what happened — Rostra has been a breeding ground for hate against her.

  5. Post

    Yes, Michael, like a good little soldier, you just ignore the lie and add two of your own. Hate? Trying to “justify” what happened? More like an organized campaign by your ilk to discourage free speech. Why do you have to lie?

  6. I’m wrong? For suggesting that the vandalism MIGHT have been staged?

    Even if it’s proven that it was a “Tea Bagger” who threw the rock, I still wouldn’t be wrong to raise the possibility. And, of course, at this point in time, we still do not have an arrest or charge against anyone.

    So I’m therefore wrong because . . . . ?

    Let me assure you of one thing — the anonymous public employee who called me late last night SIX TIMES to scream vile profanities at me was filled with bottomless, blind hate — a (likely inebriated) nut ball who probably carries a gun or wears a raincoat at work.

    History is clear — it’s the labor union side that is more violence-prone, not the critics of big government. Sadly, too often violence and intimidation have been the trademarks of the labor movement — the perverse union label.

  7. Richard Rider’s broad brush is at it again. Does the term “pinkerton” ring a bell? Do you really believe that strikes were quelled peacefully? Of course not.

    As for North County Times reporter Bradley Fikes (still a mystery with how you’re allowed to be a news reporter with all of the political activism you engage in), it’s pretty clear that people are looking to Roach as the problem and not Rostra. People don’t hate forums for free speech, but they hate bullies. Our beef is with Krvaric/Roach for their tactics.

  8. When people who engage in basic civic and democratic activities of expressing ideas and organizing, come under personal attack, are threatened in word or deed, and/or are harassed, followed and photographed by people who disagree with their politics, we all are at risk of losing our collective voices. I take reports of these incidents seriously, in part because they have also happened to me.

    Case in point: in the comments re:a UT article announcing my Congressional campaign last weekend, someone posted a link to the FEC filing showing my home address in Clairemont. The next few postings were from gun enthusiasts angry over my state legislation to ban “open carry.” Their language raised concerns and the posts were removed by the UT.

    Law enforcement has been informed and patrols are increasing their presence near my home.

    Related- Earlier this year, while speaking to a north county organization about state budget issues, a person showed up who refused to identify himself. He left once I completed my presentation, then returned the following month when a Border Patrol agent addressed the group. When asked to identify himself, he would only say “Lori knows who I am,” mentioned attending a Catfish Club meeting where the topic had been my bill on Open Carry (AB 1934 in 2010), and told the agent he was a “Minuteman.” He again refused to give his name.

    The organizer of the meetings was sufficiently alarmed to call me, and as a result I have installed additional security equipment at my home and had a police detective inspect the property to offer advice on safety precautions.

    Fortunately, I live within a school zone, so if anyone openly carried their gun(s) near my residence they would be arrested.

    Such is the life of candidates in 2011.

    There is much at stake for our nation in the upcoming elections, and these tactics won’t deter me from running for the 52nd Congressional seat. But I’m also increasingly cautious as I go about my daily life as a private citizen and candidate.

  9. Post

    Hello Lori,
    Thank you for writing. I’m very sorry you’ve endured such troubling treatment. As we all know, there are various nuts and unstable hangers-on of all stripes who will intimidate and even commit violence. All groups, no matter what their ideology, should condemn such conduct. We at SD Rostra certainly do so, in the strongest terms.
    To encourage civility, SD Rostra and other groups with differing political perspectives periodically hold meetups where we can look past our differences with in-person socializing. Perhaps it’s time for another such event.

  10. Post

    Jefferson, your concern for the purity of journalism — threatened as it is by the vast numbers of Libertarian reporters — is most touching. But I don’t cover politics for the NCT, but mainly science and business. And unlike many reporters, I don’t advance my political agenda in my news stories.

  11. Oh my! Jefferson refers to the Pinkertons’ abuses of the 19th century to somehow balance the violence scale with the unions. But while the Pinkerton violence ended a century ago, union violence has continued.

    Read this week’s story of a nonunion small company owner shot by union thugs scratching “SCAB” on his car in a multi-year terror campaign against him. Read about the continuing sabotage and vandalism by the unions against Verizon in the Northeast. Watch the YouTube video of the striker using his young daughter to stand in the road to block traffic so he can curse out replacement workers.

    Google “labor union violence” to better grasp the continuing nature of union thuggery –apparently justified by Jefferson because “Pinkerton did it.” For instance, go to this link for union violence (there are many sources):

    Still, it’s good to see the inability of “progressives” such as Jefferson to recognize what has changed — and what has not. Clearly Jefferson ET AL are the real reactionaries of our time — apologists for the epidemic of violence permeating the modern labor union movement. HIS movement.

  12. To the person that attempted to post a comment rebutting another recent commenter…

    1) You are on your 12th pseudonym, maybe more… that is not in keeping with the rules of the site, which state: “Anonymity through the use of pseudo-names is allowed, but commenters should use the same name for every comment entry, so as to not falsely appear to be more than one person commenting on the same or several matters.”

    2) As much as you may think it should be easy for us to allow comments in opposition to a Democrat, simply because he/she is a Democrat, unsubstantiated allegations go both ways. It is not enough to simply say it’s your opinion that someone did something very specific, if the allegation can’t be proved.

    For instance, there is a difference between saying it is your opinion that Joe Smith is no better than a thief when it comes to the way he treats taxpayers, and saying that it is your opinion that Joe Smith broke into a house and stole money.

    So, we do not know enough about the charges you cite to know whether they are true. A little proof would keep us all out of the area of libel. If you can document your points, try again.



  13. @Bradley- Thanks for the invite.

    I’m all for socializing and friendly interactions- I think it makes for better politics, frankly. I made a point to attend all member’s social events in Sacramento when I served as Speaker Pro Tempore from 2008-2010.

    As the presiding officer who ran the floor and interacted with all members in a very public way during floor debates, I felt it best to attend as many different events as possible and build relationships with everyone, regardless of party affiliation, out of the capitol building as well as within.

    My philosophy was: We may disagree at times, but it was no reason to be disagreeable to one another. Unfortunately, that concept has disappeared in some circles.

    So please let me know when the next event is planned- I’ll be happy to attend if I’m not walking precincts, fundraising, etc.! (My dance card is filling fast)


  14. Post

    Excellent, Lori.
    I’ll see if the Powers that Be can pull together something quickly. (Gourmet coffee should be involved).
    Thank you again,


  15. We believe Erica Holloway may already be working on something with Two Cathedrals and CityBeat. More to follow.

  16. Post

    That’s great. Let’s keep Lori in the loop on this one. I want to be photographed with her and Lorena drinking gourmet coffee.

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