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Let’s stop all the nonsense about President Obama’s vacation plans for Martha’s Vineyard. So he goes on vacation! Big deal! It’s not like other presidents haven’t gone on vacation. How many vacations did George Bush take? Even if our former president took less, Obama deserves extra rest, because he has a far more stressful job. After all, those mean spirited Republicans did everything they could to block Obama’s programs during the first two years of his administration when Democrats held the Senate, the House and the White House. And then, they blocked things even more after the 2010 election, when instead of working in a bipartisan way, those self serving Tea Party representatives had the audacity to honor the promises they made to the very people who put them in office. Besides, it was only racists who put them in office. Everybody knows the Tea Party is made up of nothing but rich, white, Republican males. Well, OK, There were also a lot of women, and a lot of middle class, and yes, there are some Independents and a smattering of  Democrats and even some Black Tea Party organizations.  Well, yeah, sure, if you’re gonna bring up all that!  But they are still racist!!!

And as if that wasn’t bad enough, now our poor president has to travel the country  to tell people that he’s planning to give a speech about jobs just as soon as he comes back from vacation and in the meantime, while he travels, some of those wise acres have the unmitigated nerve to ask him actual questions such as why our Vice-President calls the Tea Party people terrorists and why such a statement does not fall under the category of inflammatory rhetoric, something President Obama has admonished us to tone down. How would you like to listen to stuff like that while driving around the country in a Canadian made vehicle for the purpose of reminding Americans that you plan to stimulate their economy?

Make no mistake: Our president deserves his vacation. In fact, he deserves a long vacation. And so, my fellow Americans, if there is an ounce of bipartisan patriotism left in your blood stream, please join with me in November of 2012. Let’s go together to the polls and grant President Obama the longest vacation he’s ever had!

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