CA is now a PERMANENT blue state — for reasons few will understand

Richard Rider, Chairman, San Diego Tax Fighters Undesignated 7 Comments


Gavin Newsom’s lopsided victory was NOT the result of voter fraud. There was no NEED for voter fraud, though some doubtless occurred.

Instead, the Democrats have stumbled across the LEGAL way to keep California voting Democrat — forever. It’s really simple:

1. Mail everyone a ballot. Previously one had to REQUEST a mail ballot. Automatic ballot mailings will become permanent in CA.

2. The return postage on the ballot was paid by the taxpayers. Previously the voter had to put the stamp on the envelope — something that the young and low interest voters usually wouldn’t do.

3. Ballot harvesting is legal and encouraged in the Golden State.

The key to a functional democracy is an informed electorate. In this election, the average IQ of voters dropped 10 points or more. A more uninformed and MISinformed electorate is hard to imagine.

Want to test my assertion out? Ask a typical Newsom voter this question:
“Under Newsom, there was a THIRTY BILLION DOLLAR unemployment fraud that sent OUR money to California prisoners and international crime cartels — while many of our legitimate CA unemployed had big problems getting their checks. Not a single CA government bureaucrat was fired as a result. Did you even KNOW about that?”

Thanks to our biased MSM, most will NOT be aware of this huge scandal. Try to imagine the voter awareness of this massive fraud if Donald Trump had been the Governor of CA.

California governments are subsidizing more and more people, with the approval of voters.  People love getting something for nothing.  With this new “easy vote” policy, an even lower percent of the voters will understand the downside of voting for an oppressive, high tax, anti-business, nanny state.


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  1. Richard, respectfully, California is now a permanent blue state because California is a permanent blue state.

    Jerry Brown won by 20 points in 2014, before all these ballot gimmicks. That’s just how it is.

  2. My boss lives on Coronado, near the high school. His son has been coming home for lunch everyday. The other day he said he was going to stay on campus and eat there. My boss asked him if he needed money to buy lunch. His son said, no….the lunches were free now. My boss says if free lunches are going to kids on Coronado whose parents can afford to pay for them, then Democrats have now reached the state they always wanted….being able to offer enough free stuff to enough people that nearly everyone will vote for them.

  3. If you are so worried about a small number of voters having too much say, maybe start with a recall election costing taxpayers $300+ million forced on them by 1.6 million Trumpfederate activists in a state of over 40 million people. This after voters elected Governor Newsom in a landslide less than three years ago, with another scheduled election in just one year.

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    GREAT comment, Lou! And sadly, all too true.

    Reminds me of Winston Churchhill’s insightful comment:
    “I contend that for a nation to try to tax itself into prosperity is like a man standing in a bucket and trying to lift himself up by the handle.”

    An ever-increasing percent of American voters fail to grasp that fact.

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    WhoSaidIt, you are right. But now it’s been institutionalized via easy voting.

    Surely Democrats will note the dramatic increase in their vote percentage (as compared with the Grey Davis recall), and will henceforth push out postage paid ballots to all registered voters.

    Indeed, just such a bill has already been passed by the CA state rubber stamp legislature. It is currently on Newsom’s desk.

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    E.A. Barrera, it’s WONDERFUL to read that you’ve suddenly become concerned about the cost of government. Seldom do we get that complaint from a progressive. Upon reflection, perhaps you shouldn’t have brought it up.

    The total state and local taxpayer costs for the 2003 Gray Davis recall election ranged from $53 million to $66 million.

    Why did this Gavin Newsom $300+ million recall election cost taxpayers five times more than the Gray Davis recall only 18 years ago? The CA population grew less than 15%. Inflation has been low. Odd, don’t you think?

    Two main reasons:
    1. With Democrats now in total control in the Golden State, the cost of CA state and local government services is soaring — starting with “public servant” pay and benefits.
    2. In this recall, the Democrats decided to mail every registered CA voter (no matter how long ago they died or moved away) a ballot — and then to pay the return postage.

    So yes, $300 million is an expensive election. Thank the Democrats for that.

    But even $300 million is a pittance compared to other foolish CA taxpayer expenditures during Newsom’s reign. Let’s pick just one — the $30+ BILLION unemployment payout fraud — fraud that cost literally 100 times more than this election. Newsom and the MSM have studiously ignored this disaster.

    Barrera, perhaps you’d like to post here some of the URL’s to the stories that you’ve written about this monster ripoff of taxpayers. Doubtless you castigated the ruling party and the governing CEO who were in charge of the state during this huge swindle.

    Shouldn’t take much effort for you to post ALL that you’ve written about this.

  7. The three legislative acts Richard identifies above have become inevitable as an increasing number of California families fall below the Title line. Not the poverty line, but the Title line.

    Owners live in their housing investment , which increases in value along with the size of their family. Title provides a family with property rights, economic liberties and legal protections. Families with Title pay property taxes on assessed title in addition to income taxes and thus are always motivated to vote, and they do.

    Renters (penthouse, project or prison) are below the Title line. With no title, renters have low or no taxable income, no equity, no property rights, no permanent address, and thus no economic liberties other than engaging in consumer-merchant transactions for depreciating goods. Their economic interests lie below the Title line, along with their motivations to vote.

    Californians are divided by the TITLE line. Policy must be focused on moving families (of every size) above the Title line. Anchored on Title, families spin like tops on terra firma, building equity to do business and produce generational wealth for their posterity.

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