CA GOP will not endorse a recall candidate

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A Saturday morning California Republican Party meeting resulted in no candidate receiving an endorsement in the recall election to replace Governor Gavin Newsom.

“I’m glad to see this CRP endorsement fiasco finally come to a proper end,” said Carl DeMaio, chairman of Reform California. “But (Kevin) Faulconer’s insider scheming still did damage by dividing and distracting people for weeks when everyone should have been working on getting YES on Recall to a majority.

“If Faulconer and the insiders want unity now, they should concede that the Faulconer candidacy is done and spend all their money on YES on Recall from this point forward. That would be true leadership – but they haven’t shown good judgment up to this point.”


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  1. Carl DeMaio says “..they haven’t shown good judgment up to this point.”

    Pot meet kettle. Kettle meet pot.

  2. Herein lies the problem. The entire reason a political party exists is to win elections (if, indeed those in it believe in what it espouses, otherwise why be in it). The CA GOP finds itself in the position, via time and circumstances, to be able to pull its demise back from the precipice and it chooses to do nothing. We talk about how out of touch Newsom is vis-a-vis the electorate and yet the state GOP fails to see how conservatives in the state are being crushed by CRT, inflation, illegal immigration, etc. I completely fail to see what advantage there is to sitting on the sidelines.

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