Brilliant Surgeon caring for Rep. Giffords was Trained at San Diego’s beloved Balboa Naval Hospital

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The courageous surgeon who defied the odds and kept Rep. Gabreille Giffords alive,  received key advanced medical training here at San Diego’s much-beloved Balboa Naval Hospital during his lengthy US military experience.

Having treated hundreds of gunshot wounds in Iraq and Afghanistan earlier in this decade, Dr. Peter Rhee and his team were undaunted by the brain injury Rep. Giffords suffered.  They had her ready for life-saving surgery 38 mintes after she reached the Tucson University Medical Center!

So when this guy tells you he is optimistic about her prospects for survival, that is very good news indeed.   He warns the next 48 hours are pivotal, and the medical team is doing everything to control swelling of the brain, the greatest current danger.  Continuing prayers for the recovery of Rep. Giffords, and the others wounded on Saturday,  are very much enocuraged.

Balboa Naval Hospital has treated countless Navy and Marine personnel, and their dependents, for nearly 100 years.  It is a landmark facility and considered sacred ground by San Diego’s large Veteran and military community.

We are indebted to the Arizona Republic newspaper for the details about Dr. Rhee.


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