Bride of a Socialist, a Fascist and a Reporter…

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Greetings Rostrafarians! Four seasons and three events later, and our socialist (and reporter, same thing?) friends still wanna hang with us over beers, bites and political banter.

The last event in the summer drew a nearly unmanageable crowd of about 100 – bringing out the likes of the Gonzalez siblings, San Diego CityBeat hipsters and our liberal blog counterparts at Two Cathedrals.

We should be slightly more subdued and relaxed for our fall gathering this Thursday at the South Park Abbey, 1946 Fern Street. Join us there at 5:30 p.m. to review the latest and greatest – from rumored Comprehensive Pension Reform signature counts to the new kid on the city ballot – the Project Labor Agreement ban.

I look forward to catching up on the latest gossip with all you crazy cats and kittens!

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