Brian Wimmer Ends Campaign Endorses Graham for State Assembly in the 76th

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Veteran and businessman Brian Wimmer has dropped out of the race for the 76th Assembly District and has endorsed Phil Graham. Wimmer made the announcement last night at the monthly meeting of the San Diego County Republican Party. The field of Republican candidates has now narrowed to five, with two Democrats remaining.

“The best thing we can do for the Republican Party is to coalesce around the strongest candidate, otherwise we run the risk of not getting in the top two,” said Wimmer. “I’ve gotten to know Phil over the course of this campaign and he is a true conservative. He will stand up for our district and bring some common sense to Sacramento. I’m proud to endorse him and will do anything I can to help get him elected.”

“Brian is a class act. It’s been great getting to know him, and I’m very honored to receive his endorsement,” said Graham. “I look forward to helping him with his next campaign.”

The 76th Assembly District encompasses coastal North County. It includes Camp Pendleton, Oceanside, Vista, Carlsbad, and Encinitas.  Graham has stunned the field with his fundraising, raising over $250,000 for the June primary campaign.  None of the candidates, Democart or Republican, have  broken the six-figure mark and Graham has raised more money than all of his Republican opponents combined.

Wimmer is a politcal newcomer with a bright future.  He’s smart, polished, and he knows which battles to fight.  He’s committed to stopping the sales tax increase in Oceanside.  Don’t be surprised if he runs for local office in the near future; he’s THAT sharp


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  1. I like Brian Wimmer. I met him twice and he’s charming, likable, intellectual in understanding the big picture and able to relay it in laymen terms and has a bright future. As bright as anyone else locally and hopefully he’ll get party and community support his next go-round. I don’t know much about Graham as I’ve heard good (he’s able to raise money and has the network) and bad (he’s not a great candidate in presenting his views and bland). I’ll reserve final judgement when I meet him.

  2. They are both good men. We need fewer Republicans running in June to avoid splitting the vote, although in the 76th, it shouldn’t be too much of a problem.

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