Brian Maienschein switches parties

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The Dems celebrate
Assemblywoman Marie Waldron responds

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  1. Makes sense.
    Being a Democrat is much easier, and takes much less effort.
    Plus, unlimited hand outs, complaining, and your constituents tend to be less informed.
    It’s a win/win for them.
    Ask Nathan, he switched, and got a wife out of the deal.

  2. And the CAGOP gets that much smaller. Maybe they should invite Steve Bannon to keynote their convention one more time. That should work!

  3. Expedient? Selfish? Serving fellow men? (Much less the majority who elected him.) So much for living life based on Godly principles… or on deep personal convictions. How sad for this adult example for the next generation….

  4. I just had a conversation with a very well placed Republican who has held public office and served at the state level within the California Republican Party. This individual said the state is basically lost and the only way Republicans will ever have a chance of getting back in the game is by making every office in the state non-partisan. Until that happens individuals need to do what it takes to survive politically. As for the individual I spoke to, they are going back to the private sector to make real money and stop throwing it away on a losing cause. I don’t blame Brian for making this choice. As more and more Republicans flee the state, those of us that are left find more and more districts like Brian’s turning from red to purple to blue.

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