Breitbart, O’Keefe At Eagle Forum SD – With Videos

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Andrew Breitbart gave a wide-ranging keynote speech at the Eagle Forum San Diego convention’s Friday dinner. The conservative journalist/provocateur discussed Weinergate, what he calls the  media/Democratic Party complex, Marxist indoctrination of the culture, his struggles to find and publicize stories about bad behavior on the political left, and much more.

Andrew Breitbart

Andrew Breitbart speaks at the Eagle Forum San Diego convention on Friday, June 11, 2011

For those of you who weren’t there for Breitbart’s speech, I was. What follows are video clips of Breitbart’s speech, covering nearly all of it. I recorded in eight segments for ease of viewing and posting on YouTube.  I provide text links to the the clips. I don’t know how to embed videos, or I would have done so. Apologies for the sometimes focus-challenged quality of the clips.

Breitbart Part 1

Breitbart Part 2

Breitbart Part 3

Breitbart Part 4

Breitbart Part 5

Breitbart Part 6

Breitbart Part 7

Breitbart Part 8

James O'Keefe speaks at Eagle Forum SD Convention

James O'Keefe speaks at Eagle Forum SD Convention

Conservative journalist James O’Keefe, whose reports exposed abuses in ACORN and anti-conservative attitudes among a top NPR executive, also spoke. He was interviewed by talk show host Rick Amato. I got two brief clips, which I post below Breitbart’s remarks.

James O’Keefe Part 1

James O’Keefe Part 2

The Eagle Forum convention continues today (Saturday) at the Town & Country Hotel in Mission Valley. As soon as I’m done with this, I’m going to go back and cover the rest of the convention, as well as other items from Friday that I didn’t have time to write about in this post. You’ll read about it here on SD Rostra, so stay tuned and tell your friends.

Finally, my thanks to fellow Rostrafarian Gabriella Hoffman and Eagle Forum San Diego President John “Woody” Woodrum in particular for their gracious assistance in getting me well-placed at the dinner to record the videos of Breitbart and O’Keefe, and for their genial hospitality.


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