Breaking: Kalasho resigns from El Cajon City Council

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Ben Kalasho, the highly controversial El Cajon City Councilmember, resigned his seat tonight in a letter to City Manager Graham Mitchell. The resignation is said to be “effective immediately.”

Elected to a four-year city council term in 2016, Kalasho was forced to face off against another incumbent, Gary Kendrick, last year after the city transitioned to district elections. Kendrick won with 85 percent of the vote, but Kalasho was allowed to stay on the council until the end of his original term in 2020.

Although effectively making Kalasho a “lame duck,” many believed he would complete his term of office, so tonight’s move comes as a surprise.

“For the entire time that Ben Kalasho was on the council his behavior has been breathtakingly awful,” said Mayor Bill Wells, “not just to his fellow council members but most everybody he encountered. He did the right thing by resigning. This is a remarkably positive thing for the city council and the city as a whole.”

Kalasho’s letter was added below a few minutes following the initial posting of this story.

Karen Pearlman’s SDUT story is also now included here.


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  1. I was hired to investigate this dirtbag when he originally ran for office. Plenty of dirt on the guy but none of it seemed to stick. Glad to see him go.

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