Breaking… Jeff Olson endorses Ernie Dronenburg for San Diego County Assessor/ Recorder / Clerk

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Jeff Olson, who collected 72,941 votes in the June primary, tonight endorsed fellow Republican Ernie Dronenburg in the runoff for San Diego County Assessor, Recorder, Clerk.

This is a classy and courageous move by Mr. Olson, who holds a top job in the Assessor’s office. Reason: he’s now opposing the appointed Democrat incumbent, David Butler, who heads the overall operation.

In a written statement tonight, Jeff Olson said:

“As a taxpayer, a 21 year veteran of the Assessor’s Office, and a previous Assessor candidate, I am proud to announce that I am endorsing Ernie Dronenburg for San Diego County Assessor/Recorder/County Clerk.”

“Ernie Dronenburg wrote the Taxpayer’s Bill of Rights and is a strong supporter of Proposition 13. His mix of public and private business experience will bring common sense decisions and a real world perspective to this very important office. Please join me in supporting Ernie Dronenburg for San Diego County Assessor, and please vote Dronenburg for Assessor on November 2, 2010.”

Mr. Butler took just 36% of the vote in the primary, compared to 35% for Dronenburg and 17% for Jeff Olson.

Republican Greg Smith ably led the office from 1983 to 2008.


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  1. Olson sent out an official announcement early Tuesday. We too believed it to be breaking. Not everyone has Facebook, of course, nor would they know to look there for something that was just being sent out by Olson.

  2. “Classy and courageous”? Nice alliteration, but let’s not be naïve here.

    There’s a Republican loyalty oath in this county. If you support someone other than a Republican or you’re out of the club. I’ve seen the form—I have a copy. Even in a non-partisan race, it’s always nice to see the county GOP places party politics ahead of actual governance and competence.

    The best that can be said of Olson is that he knows how to play the political game.

    Go to the county website:

    “I feel David Butler is also an excellent
    candidate for this position and I strongly support him”

    Jeff Olson, Supervisor’s hearing on 2-24-09 at 15:08

    I’ve followed and learned from the best in the business — David Butler

    Jeff Olson, Supervisor’s hearing on 3-3-09 at 1:26

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