Bill Wells Endorsed by Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association in Race for State Assembly

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: April 16, 2010 CONTACT: Eddie Sprecco 619-889-1348

(El Cajon) The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association (HJTA), the State’s leading taxpayers’ rights organization, has announced their support for Bill Wells in his race for the 77th Assembly District.

“Bill Wells is committed to eliminating waste in government spending and helping families keep more of their hard earned money. We look forward to working with Bill as a taxpayer ally in Sacramento,” said Jon Coupal, President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association.

The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association’s mission is dedicated to the protection of Proposition 13 and the advancement of taxpayers’ rights, including the right to limited taxation, the right to vote on tax increases and the right of economical, equitable and efficient use of taxpayer dollars.

The endorsement of HJTA represents yet another major endorsement of Bill Wells’ campaign to become the next Assemblyman in East San Diego County’s 77th District.

In thanking HJTA for its endorsement, Wells said, “The endorsement of such an essential tax-fighting organization resonates with households struggling financially in our region. I look forward to working with Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association to fight taxes on behalf of working families.”

The 77th Assembly district includes the communities of: Alpine, Borrego Springs, Bostonia, Casa de Oro – Mount Helix, Crest, El Cajon, Granite Hills, Harbison Canyon, Jamul, La Mesa, Lakeside, Ramona, Rancho San Diego, San Diego, San Diego Country Estates, Santee and Winter Gardens.


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  1. Sure would like to find out why they endorsed Wells. What were the issues with the other candidates? For some crazy reason I find it hard to label Rubin as a tax and spend fanatic.

  2. Talked to the other campaigns and none of them were contacted by The Howard Jarvis Tax Payers Association. I still want to know on what basis they gave their endorsement.

  3. Perhaps the other candidates should have contacted them….I dont know.

    I do know this is a great endorsement and pretty much amounts to a stamp of approval for Mr. Wells.

  4. Gary I think I can help with your Howard Jarvis dilemma. For starters, Bill Wells’ actions and voting record support his anti tax position. I do not believe Rubin has a voting record. Secondly, in order to get these endorsements a candidate has to actually campaign and work hard with these groups to let them know where they stand. Howard Jarvis does not, nor will they ever, seek out the candidate. That is not their job.

  5. Gee, did the other campaigns have the wherewithal to proactively contact Jarvis and request the endorsement? Apparently, Wells did, first sign to an organization that a candidate is interested in being endorsed, not sitting around waiting to be asked. In my experience, HJTA could care little about someone simply because they’re running, they want to be pursued, as a partial measure of how scrappy the candidate will be as an elected official. Stop the whining. Aside from that, there may be nothing wrong taxpayer-wise with the others; it may come down to who is viewed as having the best chance to win, along with their tax credentials. Wells opposed a local tax measure that was on the ballot while he was running for city council. Rubin has no track record as an elected or a candidate, and Jarvis has seen plenty get up there and fold, so she may be an unknown entity to them, regardless of how anti-tax she may be. Jones: Has he opposed taxes as a councilmember? What of the Transnet extension? If he or his campaign would answer one question put to him here, let’s hope this is the one. I’d like to know.

  6. Congrats on the endorsement with Howard Jarvis. This means a lot to us property owners and tax payers. Keep up the great job.

  7. I just expected the HJTA to be a little more thorough like the NRA and The San Diego Co. Republican Party is with their endorsements. The NRA rates candidates on a scale from A to F. The San Diego Republican Party needs a 2/3 endorsement before endorsing in primary non partison races and keeps it”s nose out of the partisan primary races. I would have expected them to research all the candidates and not just chose the one who walked up and licked their hand. The way they apparently handled this very much waters down the significance of their endorsement.

  8. Yes, let’s insult both the organization and the endorsed candidate because you don’t like the result. But, don’t insult our intelligence. The HJTA is a significant endorsement, regardless of what you may think of their process. The GOP considers those that request the endorsement. Of course the party stays out of partisan primaries…the voters decide which candidate will be the Republican candidate in the general. HJTA gets involved in primaries. If a candidate doesn’t have the oomph to pursue the endorsement, that’s everyone else’s fault? Please. A little individual responsibility. For what it’s worth, Jarvis is very thorough. They send a questionnaire to any candidate that SIMPLY asks for it. A simple request for most any campaign. Sorry if some didn’t think of it.

  9. Uhhhh….ENOUGH. Unless a reader is going to click the “77th State Assembly” tag at the end of the post, review all of the endorsements posted by all of the candidates over the last several weeks, and then call into question the process and integrity of EVERY organization and individual issuing an endorsement, let me suggest that such a reader has little credibility here.

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