Bill Horn has earned a New Term as our County Supervisor, in North County’s 5th District

Jim Sills Jim Sills


Re-elect   Bill   Horn

Native San Diegan. Graduate of Mission Bay High School and San Diego State (where he joined pro-Civil Rights protests in the 1960s).

Post-graduate studies with the U.S. Marine Corps in Vietnam, seeing plenty of combat against North Vietnamese regulars and eventually became Captain Bill Horn.

When Vietnamese refugees crowded Camp Pendleton in the mid-1970s, former Marine Bill Horn became the “sponsor” of half-a-dozen families, helping them find jobs and housing, and their place in America.  They never forgot his unselfish assistance.

“Tough Guy” Bill Horn has a big heart and has continued to serve the public.

School Board member in Escondido, and then elected County Supervisor in a major upset in 1994, and re-elected since then.

He is unashamedly Patriotic, a vocal defender of the 2nd Amendment, and of the rights of the religious faithful to exist in the public square.

He is the unquestioned conservative leader on the County Board of Supervisors.

If you live in District 5, you should strongly consider voting for this San Diego original, by mail or at the polls… Please keep faith with Bill Horn, who represents much that is fundamentally good about San Diego, both its past and its present.