Bertha Lopez and the Character Assassination of John McCann

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By now, I’m sure we’ve all heard about the troubles at Sweetwater Union High School District: corruption, scandals, and even a “naked chick” joke.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize the political opportunity to be seized amid the drama — but, what if the supposed “fall guy” for much of the trouble at Sweetwater was the one being targeted?

I’m referring, of course, to John McCann.

After serving two terms on the Chula Vista City Council, John McCann ran for an open seat on the Sweetwater Union High School board, only to be named Board President as soon as he was sworn-in.

At the time McCann became board President, there had been 44-years worth of service on the school board among the other 4 members. With that amount of institutional knowledge of the internal woes within Sweetwater, did it not seem odd to anyone else that McCann — the newbie — was swiftly named Board President?

Clearly, there must have been something shady going on that the other 4 members knew about and they decided to make McCann — a dedicated, public servant and Navy reservist — the fall guy.

Enter Bertha Lopez. Die-hard Democrat. Beloved by union leadership. Forget even forging a working relationship with any Republicans, Bertha Lopez and her political ally, South Bay Irrigation District’s Jose Preciado, could be the South Bay’s version of Prom King and Queen for the Democratic Party.

Their strategy? Target John McCann. Push and advocate for a recall election. Replace with Democrat.

Never mind that much of the mess at Sweetwater went uncovered and was allowed to run rampant by those other 4 members of the board prior to McCann’s arrival.

Fellow Democrats Pearl Quinones and Arlie Ricasa, are both named in the D.A.’s case, but are questionably out of the Lopez/Preciado cross-hairs. It should be noted that Bertha’s home was searched by authorities, but she is not accused of wrongdoing at this time.

So, what remains the overall goal for these two? As Preciado runs for re-election this year, he is attempting to plant rabid pro-union, PLA-loving, taxpayer-hating Democrats onto the South Bay Irrigation District Board, while Bertha continues to target McCann in the hope that she is able to lead a successful union-controlled majority onto the Sweetwater board.

If you live in the South Bay, and are tired of the politics-as-usual and gamesmanship that occur in this region, then we need you to consider challenging their plans.

So far, there are no candidates — much less, taxpayer-friendly — challenging either Bertha Lopez or Pearl Quinones for the Sweetwater Union High School District Board. For potential candidates, both seats are at-large. If you’re interested in running, let us Rostra folk know.

For interested candidates, ballot statements cost $1,920 to reach approximately 182,000 registered voters. No signature gathering is required.

There are only 2 candidates who have filed candidate “intent” paperwork for one of the open seats for South Bay Irrigation District. No one has stepped forward as of yet to run against Jose Preciado in District 3.

According to Preciado’s Form 460’s, he had only managed to raise $2,275 for his 2008 campaign, and has so far raised a humble $275.

For interested candidates, you must live in the district you intend to run for. Ballot statements cost $145 for District 2, $160 for District 3, and $165 for District 5 to reach approximately 9-13,000 registered voters depending upon the district. No signature gathering is required.

Again, if you’re interested in running, let us Rostra folk know. You have until August 10th at 5:00pm to make up your mind.

It’s important, that even in such a tough area for Republicans like the South Bay, that we advocate for open and transparent government — at all levels. And if that means protecting those we help elect continue to advocate for taxpayers, then we need to stand by those members and help them in their time of need.

So, run. Run. Go down to the Registrar of Voters, file the paperwork, and run for these positions and advocate for taxpayers in the South Bay. And, if anything, defend John McCann’s character and dedication.

John served this country in a time of crisis. In his time of crisis, it’s time we serve John.


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  1. i believe if one was so inclined they could check and confirm that the night that Mr. Mc Cann was voted in as Board President that he seconded the nomination. Rather strange wouldn’t you say?

    I believe if one was so inclined they could check and confirm that as stated in an email by Dr. Brand Mr. Mc Cann was in possession of a second opinion that would have paved the way for Dr. Gandara to be fired for cause. That second opinion was never given to the other members of the board by Mr. Mc Cann, why? The result we are well on our way for paying for Dr. Gandara’s retirement. Should we thank Mr. Mc Cann for that?

    I believe if one was so inclined they could research board docs and confirm that Mr. Mc Cann, Mr. Cartmill and Ms. Ricasa vote as a block.

    I believe if one was so inclined they could confirm that Mr. Mc Cann, Mr. Cartmill, and Ms. Ricasa were/are (maybe not after this article) good buddies, I mean look at all of those lunches they shared with Dr. Gandara, at tax payers expense.

    i believe if one was so inclined they could ponder the question why was it that Mr. Mc Cann had to be forced into releasing the Vega Report. And even with its release there were redactions, hmmmmmmm.

    I believe if one was so inclined that one can deduce by the rhetoric in this article that the writer is attempting to throw Mr. Mc Cann’s two best buddies ‘under the bus’ so to speak. Not too sure how friend Mr. Cartmill is going to take this.

    Union controlled you say, Mc Cann not in favor of union – and yet Mr. Mc Cann proudly spoke of his alignment with the Police and Fire Dept unions of the South Bay (truly some of the finest any city would be proud to call their own).

    If my memory serves me correctly Mr. Mc Cann filed a TRO against one of those named in DA investigation. The case was allegedly thrown out as the judge noted a difference in the statements made to the police that evening vs the one written for the courts by Mr. Mc Cann and one or more of his witnesses. That court action, taken by Mr. Mc Cann paid for by the taxpayers of the South Bay, at Mr. Mc Cann’s request. It has been alleged that Mr. Mc Cann had a tape prepared for the police and upon their arrival wanted it to serve as proof that this mean taxpayer had called him ‘howdy doody’. Well, I declare! While tempers flared that evening after Mr. Mc Cann continual insistence to ‘shake my hand’ fell on deaf ears, and he continued to insist “look he won’t shake my hand” (you had to see it to believe it),

    Perhaps said article might have touched on the long list of contractors who donated to Mr. Mc Cann’s campaign. The San Diego Registrar of Voters lists them all – pay particular attention to those made AFTER THE ELECTION i.e. Paul Bunton aka BCA Architects – I believe he recently plead guilty in the case. Then there are the thousands donated by Mr. Flores’s company, another entity that entered a guilty plea in the alleged corruption case against past and present members of the Sweetwater board. Many had believed Mr. Mc Cann when he promised to clean up Sweetwater, so what happened to those promises?

    Perhaps, just perhaps the party affiliation has nothing to do with the problems at Sweetwater. Perhaps, just perhaps it is each individual and each individuals choices. Are we defined merely by a political party, surely we are not. We are defined by our character, by our integrity, and by the choices we make.

    Is Mr. Mc Cann a bad guy? I am sure he is not. Is Mr. Mc Cann a good board member? Well that is what is so great about our country – we each have the right to decide for ourselves.

  2. Thanks for the good laugh. I remember sitting at the board meeting feeling uncomfortable waiting to see if someone was going to second McCann’s nomination for board president. Guess what McCann seconded the motion. This is another poor soldier boy fiction story about John McCann. Sorry we are bored with his shenanigans and these ridiculous stories. I do not care if you omit my response because its the truth,and everyone knows it. What a pathetic joke.

  3. Wow missy McCann is on the prowl against Bertha Lopez
    Just give the mccanns a little bit of power and look what they do.
    Character assisination is not ms Lopezs fault John mccan did
    That all by himself with his antics, racial slurs and most of all odd behavior. By the way he was not just voted in like that as president he
    Seconded the motion for himself. So ms. McCann if you are going
    To tell a story at least get the facts correct !

  4. I am thrilled that you are advocating for open and transparent government. I completely agree. That is exactly what the Sweetwater district needs.

    Unfortunately the current board, including John McCann, does not demonstrate by their actions that they believe in open and transparent government.
    – Reports, complete budgets and salary information important to specific board items, and that are not protected by Brown Act, are regularly not available to the public.
    – The Board regularly violates the Open Meeting Laws, and in fact never allowed for public comment at the June Board meeting.
    – McCann himself did not share a second legal opinion regarding the termination of Gandara with all the other Board members, and obviously the board had made a decision to bring Brand in before the night of that Board meeting – since McCann bragged that he had already talked to Brand about coming back to the district. Therefore, he and the rest of the Board again violated the Brown Act.

    I could go on, but I hope you get the point. And regarding advocating for taxpayers, I am appalled that my tax dollars were spent on a separation package that allowed a corrupt superintendent to get a $400,000 severance package and stay in the system for a couple months so he could be vested in California’s retirement system. So he is now living in Texas and collecting my state tax dollars. McCann voted for that deal too.

    This isn’t about Republican or Democrat. This is about a group of 3 members of the Sweetwater Board that feel they are empowered to do whatever they want without any accountability, or taking into account the concerns of the citizens and taxpayers they represent. These three are a mix of Democrat and Republican – but they are a voting block that all demonstrate by their votes and actions that they do not believe in open and transparent government at all.

  5. jim cartmill, a friend and fellow Republican of mccann’s has sat on the board for longer than any of the others; followed by arlie ricasa a Democrat. it was cartmill and ricasa who flew to socorro, texas and brought back ‘the gandara’ all wrapped up in a pretty blue bow – and so began the mess at sweetwater. it would appear then, that both parties share ownership at this point.

    it was jim cartmill (Republican) who nominated mccann for the president of the board seat – if tradition would have been followed it should have been lopez. however, it is said that ‘the gandara’, hater of lopez, set the wheels in motion for mccann to be nominated. when no other board member seconded the motion, johnny boy jumped up and seconded his nomination as president. (it is important when writing a story to at least ‘attempt’ to provide as many facts as possible – and surely sunnycrest you were aware of this fact.

    as far as all taking pity on john mccann i would offer for consideration instead, john mccann personally dug this hole he now finds himself in. he is known in the south bay for his irrational emotional behavior.

    it is time for john mccann to read the writing on the wall, his legacy in south bay politics was written by his own hand. if only he would have lived up to the promises he made in so many living rooms throughout our community –

    one would be hard pressed to find a single successful politician who became such after attempting to blame all his woes on amongst others a fellow party member. but in mccann’s world it is all about ‘me’ (mccann); and about sums up the real mccann.

    no doubt the water coolers throughout san diego will be an interesting place to be today – topic of discussion “with friends like john mccann, who needs enemies”

    “IT IS TIME WE SERVE JOHN” – are you kidding me, since when is political office meant to be about the community serving the politician? i thought it was the other way around. persons ran for public office because ‘they wanted to serve, they wanted to make this an even greater nation’.

    but you did hit the nail on the head – in mccann’s world it has become all about mccann. i mean, after all, why else would this ‘school’ board member have a bio written up, at tax payers expense, and placed on the chairs of parents/friends at a graduation?

  6. Wow, five comments, four of them within a few minutes of each other.

    READERS: anniej and Kath Cheers above are either one in the same or are posting from the same IP address. Joe Fines is posting from a nearly identical IP address.

    Interestingly as well, anniej, Fran Brinkman and Kath Cheers are ALL indicating as their website. Not their email address, not their service provider, but their WEBSITE. A little remarkable that three different commenters would all list as their personal web address a website that is owned by Cox Communications.

    We thank “them” for playing, but they are outmatched in the brains department. It is clear that at least four of the commenters above are likely to be the same person, or at least they live in the same house.

    Anonymous commenters are reminded to select a name and stick with it for all comments, so as not to falsely appear to be more than one person.

    To be clear, we now know that one commenter, maybe two, has a strong opinion on this post.

    Thank you.

  7. Well Thors assistant if they are the same person or not it shouldnt matter since what they say is the truth. Do some research before you boost about a republican. You should be embarrassed by him not hold him to a higher standard. I have read all the articles and even been to a couple of board meetings and your boy is out of control!

  8. Thor’s assistant, this is Kath Cheers here. I would highly recommend that you speak of what you know and not of what you prefer to make up.

    Yes, Kath Cheers and anniej do have the same ip address, did not realize that two separate persons posting would be a problem to you or to the Rostra.

    However, the others, NO – so again I say before you come here and attempt to speak untruths understand you will be called out on it.

    The Cox network, ah, hello Cox is a mighty big company and lots of folks in the South Bay have Cox as their internet provider.

    So now that I have cleared that little attempted smear campaign up, can you do me a favor and respond to the facts that I submitted in my post.

    Regarding Fran Brinkman – different person, but then you know that don’t you “Thor’s assistant”. Both of us we named in the District Attorney’s paper work as we were ‘two’ of those who went to the District Attorney and FBI in the first place. You know that same indictments that refer back to the Democrats that were indicted, ah, we were part of that effort and proud of it. Just doing our part to ensure fiscal responsibility and bring integrity back to the South Bay.

    So now that I have cleared that little attempted smear campaign up, can you do the readers a favor and respond to the facts that I submitted in my post,

    FYI, it is indeed troubling that the sign in clearly states – Mail (will not be published) (required) – so, it appears that the San Diego Rostra is ???????????????????

  9. Speaking of missing the point, as the admins we are not weighing in one way or the other as to the MERITS of any of yours or the post author’s arguments. That is all open to fair debate. Have at it.

    Glad to know that you all are not the same person, but just posting from the same IP address (a possibility we originally acknowledged).

    As far as disclosing anyone’s email address, we have not. You seem to not understand the difference between an email address, a service provider and YOUR OWN website (which are above comment does differentiate between already).

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    Yet, that is all academic. The reminder stands, for all. One person, one handle for commenting here. Thanks.

  10. Thors assistant I do not know a kath cheers and I can’t believe
    You are actually investigating ip addresses, is that to report back
    To the McCann campaign? Is it that important to you who posts or that the Posts are true and with accurate information? Another thing why do you find it necessary being the moderator to insult people? No wonder why the republican party is in such shambles. What a shame you didn’t pay attention to the posts because what they say has a lot of truth to it and that’s what you should be worried about. Stop taking cues from the mccanns that will get you no where fast. Pay attention and get them under control you have a lot bigger issues to deal with .

  11. READERS may want to note the same use of lower case for certain of the same words/proper names, the missing apostrophes, the very similar writing style, etc, between some of the different commenters above.

    Enough said. We’re done on those points. So are the commenters.

    The merits of the arguments? Please continue.

    As for the implication we are only pointing out the potential of duplicity because the commenters are anti-McCann, most regular readers know that our rule about using more than one handle is consistently applied across the board, regardless of the commenter.

    Again, thanks.

  12. Ah, a misunderstanding. (Thor’s Assistant)

    Like others, I had misinterpreted your first response. You are not a commenter of the story, or rebutting any of the other submissions. You are an admin on the site, giving information about the “possibility” that some of the commenters might be just one person, despite the fact that they all have different handles, and have stated different information, in different writing styles.

    And, depending on how you look at this statement…
    “We thank “them” for playing, but they are outmatched in the brains department. It is clear that at least four of the commenters above are likely to be the same person, or at least they live in the same house.”

    …it could be interpreted in one way as a personal attack instead of simply debating their comments from an opposing point of view. Can you see why some people “missed the point?”

    From Admin: Yes, we acknowledge that it could be interpreted that way. Carry on.

  13. I stand by my post.

    John McCann is not the problem with Sweetwater. The Bertha Lopez’s and Arlie Ricasa’s of the world are the problem.

    Everyone is targeting John because he’s a Republican. That’s it, clear as day, cut and dry — and they’re trying to character assassinate and destroy him.

    It’s a union/Democrat power grab. That’s it. Which maybe explains why our education and political system in this state — and country — are not prioritizing REAL education, rather than it is a promotion of politics, agendas, and the pure will of a select few.

    Instead of denigrating John McCann, why don’t you focus on the other board members who have spent close to a combined 50 years of service on the board?

    All the complaints you hear are from teacher union and labor officials who complain about McCann. NOTHING about the other four.

    Focus your attention on the others, folks. They’ve done the real damage.

  14. Thor, you need a new assistant, yours is a bit delusional. Maybe he needs a computer reading class. I will be at the board mtg.on Monday as usual. Feel free to ask me for ID. Ask me if I did these two blogs. Then print the truth. Our IPs are not the same. Take a break Missy a very lame attempt.

    From Admin: Fran, we never indicated your IP address was the same as the others. Or even close to the others. It is not. Carry on.

  15. Thor: I will attempt to make this point perfectly clear since you are refusing to acknowledge that you fudged the truth. “You ‘ALL’ are using the same ip address” – NO, we are not. Kathy Cheers and anniej – yes. Can i make it any clearer? NO OTHER POSTERS are using my IP address.

    From Admin: Yes, you’ve made that clear and you’ve indicated that you and anniej use the same IP address. As already noted, but we will say so again, “Glad to know that you all are not the same person, but just posting from the same IP address (a possibility we originally acknowledged).” Yes, to clarify, that was meant to mean that two of you are posting from the same IP address, per you stating as much. That is understood and acceptable.

    Since the Rostra is obviously releasing/investigating IP addresses (which you clearly state you will NOT do) and then releasing nontruths I will focus my reading materials to ‘the weekly Standard’ – and alleviate future misrepresentation by this news entity.

    From Admin: We make it very clear commenters’ email addresses will not be posted. Where have we done so?

    The integrity of a person or organization can often be measured by their ability to admit when they are wrong.

    Thank You for the clarification regarding ‘the facts that I presented’ – point well taken.


    No, all of the complaints that are being heard are not coming from teachers, unions or labor officials. I am not a member now, nor have I ever been a member of any of those groups – I am a taxpayer.

    Now, can you please respond to the facts that I presented – you wrote the post. Provide facts, not rhetoric.

    Jim Cartmill is a Republican, not a Democrat, but you know that. His stamp of approval is on the majority of what has been and is currently wrong with Sweetwater. Are you recommending that the South Bay sign the papers for his RECALL and Ms. Ricasa’s, and not sign for Mr. Mc Cann? Please clear that point up for inquiring minds.

    If you take my opinions as denigration then you have missed the point. I am looking for answers not smoke screens about what we owe Mr. Mc Cann. He owed the taxpaying citizens of the South Bay integrity , and he failed to deliver – plain and simple. In my opinion.

    It is common knowledge, with the exception of a few, that John Mc Cann has blown his political career. It is time for him to take his little red camera and go back to researching IP addresses. He is done, he is finished.

    Regarding the indictments – the trials have yet to begin, and when they do much will undoubtedly be coming out. What is it they call it – the methods behind the madness. There is much speculation that other names and truths will be revealed. Perhaps we could respectfully debate the issues then on one of Mr. Manchester’s articles.

    Rather than tell me to vote for someone simply because he belongs to the party – tell me about the candidates vision, the candidates ideas, the candidates plans. But PLEASE do not attempt to protect a grown man – if he can not prove his value to the South Bay what makes Sunnycrest believe she can. You may like/love the guy, but respect him enough to treat him like man and not a child who needs protecting – it does it appear to paint him as weak.

    I appreciate the opportunity to chat with you.

  16. Both sides good points. It did remind me that we the tax payer paid attorney fees for McCann’s ridiculous misadventure in court where McCann was chastised by the judge I believe if you bother to get the transcript it mentions public figures should have thicker skin. Something akin to that. I haven’t read it in a while.

  17. Sonnycrest… perhaps you protest too much. Why all the love for John McCann?

    John McCann brought Ed Brand back to Sweetwater. John McCann seconded his own nomination to be President of the Board. John McCann hid the second legal opinion from the rest of the Board members. John McCann is named in the Vega Report. John McCann accosted the public in the district’s parking lot. John McCann ran out of a school board meeting because he was scaired to be served legl papers. John McCann video tapes the public at board meetings. John McCann tried to introduce those tapes into court proceedings. John McCann whines because the public calls him “Howdy Doodie.” John McCann uses every opportunity to remind the public that Lopez’s house was raided, even though they found nothing.

    John McCann is doing quite a lot of things that are bringing shame upon himself. He has no one to blame but himself. For you to blog that it’s union thugs and democrats will find no sympathy from me.

    I will tell you this though, everytime John McCann’s name comes up in a newspaper article, expect the public to react. Don’t be surprised if the responses are not to your liking.

  18. Hesitating to enter a melee, I none-the-less would like to have a couple of points considered.

    When taxpayers are concerned about value for money and request data regarding school district expenditures and budget allocations, why is it so difficult to obtain the information? What makes it so difficult to inform the public on these matters?

    What has been going on with Mello-Roos dollars for the past 5 or so years? I believe they have been used for payment of salaries–not for the infrastructure for the Mello-Roos areas within SUHSD. Other Mello-Roos funds were used to purchase iPads for all incoming 7th graders in SUHSD–bad move on two counts: 1) iPads are only supposed to last 3 years, and anything purchased with M-R funds is supposed to last at least 5 years; 2) Only 2 middle schools are within the Mello-Roos area, so the funds are–by regulations stipulated in all sorts of legalese–only supposed to be used for projects within the Mello-Roos area.

    McCann has never gone on record to support a clean accounting of Mello-Roos funds.

    The misappropriation of funds is part and parcel of how this board does business. I wish McCann had stood up and done something about it. I wish he had done many things which I am sure he IS capable of doing. But he did not. He went along with the prevailing winds, instead of learning how to use the rudder and go where he should have gone.

    Shame on McCann, along with Ricasa, Cartmill, Quinones and Brand.

    As they are supposed to be educators, or at least in favor of good education, it is a crying shame that they themselves have made such poor choices that the students’ educations suffer.

    The greatest shame? The public knows, despite anything Thor’s Assistant or Sunnycrest says by way of obfuscation.

  19. I’m sorry South Bay Sunnycrest, despite your insistence, I’m not seeing any signs of character assassination.

    You are the one to bring in the politics in your article, that the dastardly Democrats are making the power play on the righteous Republicans, and poor John. (Sorry, you didn’t word it exactly that way, but that is what I gathered.)

    You mention an alliance between Lopez and Preciado. Do you have any evidence of this alliance, other than the fact that they are both Democrats? Seems to me that Republicans in these United States are just as aware of party affiliations as elections happen across the nation. But what evidence of this alleged alliance and their “strategy” against John? How does Preciado even matter to those of us concerned with how Sweetwater School District is managed? (Other than the fact that I am hoping he is not causing similar problems in the South Bay Irrigation District.)

    You mention the combined years of the other 4 board members. Did you realize that approximately half of those combined years was covered by Mr. Cartmill? Who, if I may add, is a Republican. Who, may be part of that “conspiracy” against John. Yet, you focus on Mrs. Lopez, who has been on the board since 2008, serving her 4th year.

    Mrs. Lopez appears to me to be, most of the time, the only board member who asks questions about subjects at the board meetings, who is often the only vote against the other 4. Yet, she is in charge of a conspiracy against John, that her fellow Democrats on the board aren’t siding up with her?

    Yet, everything commented by others above about actions taken by McCann have been public knowledge for those who attend the meetings. McCann has left meetings, turned off microphones, has acknowledged receipt of reports (the Vega Report) and alternate options (the second opinion against not firing Gandara with cause) yet holds such items from the board and the public. These actions are committed by McCann himself, not by some conspiracy to get rid of him. And, I’m not sure if you noticed, but Mr. McCann is not the only one being targeted. If memory of recent events serve me correctly, Mr. McCann is one of 3 being targeted by recalls. One of them is a Democrat (one of those apparently beloved by the “taxpayer-hating union members” as you put it.)

    So, unless you have some data to back up your article, I’m not one to be swayed in your direction.

  20. If John McCann was the boogeyman you make him out to be, his house would not only have been raided but he would be facing the similar charges as Pearl and Arlie.

    Is he? No.

    So, the consternation with John McCann is the simple fact that he has an “R” after his name. Arlie, Pearl, and Bertha have all been handled with kid gloves because they’re ardent Democrats. No outrage. no critique.

    Also, rest assured that I am not Myssie, John, Bob, or any other obscure member of the McCann family.

  21. Sunnycrest: I will speak for myself, I am not making Mr. Mc Cann out to be the boogeyman – I have provided facts. You, for whatever reason refuse to address the facts that I have presented, and that is of course, your right.

    For the record, and as Mr. Mc Cann has stated on numerous occasions, yes, Ms. Lopez’s house was raided. She has not been indicted. If one was to jump on your conspiracy wagon one would question why Mr. Mc Cann and Mr. Cartmill’s homes were not raided. I deal with facts, not what ifs.

    I notice that now, all of a sudden, you are no longer referring to the ‘entire’ board – you are no longer throwing Mr. Cartmill under the bus. Regarding, Ms. Ricasa and Ms. Quinones, I read the pdf’s that the Union Tribune put up – there it was for all to read, typed by their own hands. A jury of their peers will have the final say – but in my opinion neither of them belong on the Sweetwater board, or any board. Regarding Mr. Cartmill, I have publicly questioned the exceptionally large donations that he accepted, from amongst others, Mr. Flores. I also question his voting record along with Mr. Mc Cann, Ms. Ricasa, and Ms. Quinones. Ms. Lopez, in my opinion the only board member who has consistently voted on behalf of the students and taxpayers.

    Mr. Mc Cann had the opportunity to go to the District Attorney and/or the FBI – he did not. Ms. Lopez did, let me state that again Ms. Lopez did. So, if Mr. Mc Cann was so interested in bringing about change why did he ‘choose’ not to do something about what was going on and wrong. Why, did he instead vote with the block of Mr. Cartmill, Ms. Ricasa, and Ms. Quinones?

    Who you are or who you are not does not concern me, you are entitled to your opinion. What does tickle my curiosity bone is the fact that you have yet to answer to any of the facts that I and others have presented. Instead you protect – something only a family member or promoter would do ‘in this particular situation’.

    I found your initial post to be mind boggling, if I did not know any better I would have thought you were writing about someone who had done something. I kept looking for the examples of what Mr. Mc Cann has done for the district in your post, but you failed to refer to even one. Instead I was aghast over the fact that would choose to throw Mr. Cartmill under the bus as you did, along with the other board members- that Sunnycrest is the talk of the South Bay. At the risk of repeating myself, this is typical John Mc Cann, in his world it is all about him. No doubt Mr. Cartmill would never, in my opinion, choose to repay the favor – say what I will about Mr. Cartmill and all of the ways I disagree with his votes – HE IS A GENTLEMAN AND CARRIES HIMSELF AS SUCH. Let me share this with you – a conversation a few professional Republican gentlemen I know had with me today – it ended with the following: Hell, I sure wouldn’t want to share a fox hole with the guy. I think that about sums it up.

    Our ability to agree to disagree is but one of the things that make this nation GREAT.

  22. Alas, it seems some people are just too blinded by that “R” or “D” by an official’s name that they refuse to, or are simply unable to, see anybody else’s point of view. I am a non-partisan, tax-paying parent of students in this district, and I couldn’t care less about that “R” or “D”. I try to keep an open mind, try to see all sides of an issue, and so far, from your side I’m not seeing facts…only political rhetoric.

    Just because McCann (or Cartmill) has not had his house raided or facing charges similar to Quinones and Ricasa that doesn’t necessarily make him the golden child. (I don’t know, maybe he filled out the necessary documents for gifts, or maybe Lopez gave information that exempted him and Cartmill.)

    Kid gloves? Let me see if I have this straight. There is a recall effort “targeting” McCann (because of his “R”), Cartmill (I think there’s an “R” after his as well), and Ricasa (“R”, er, wait that looks like a “D”). Quinones and Lopez have not been “targeted” but it’s not the “D” that is protecting them. They are going to be up for re-election in November, the others aren’t. No need for attempting to recall them, the voters can decide at that time.

    Gee, that seems pretty wide spread to me…not picking on one person. But let’s go further.

    Gandara. (hiss) I believe it was Cartmill and Ricasa who brought him from Texas. (Oops, I’m sorry, Cartmill “R” and Ricasa “D”. I keep forgetting you like those political labels.)

    Cartmill had nominated McCann for Board President, and McCann himself seconded. Yes, I’ll give you that, that it seems unusual. But since he was new, why did he second himself instead of declining? Also unusual.

    When we got rid of Gandara, the board agreed to pay him a year and a half severance pay! And they allowed him to use his vacation and sick time to “pad” his employment so he could qualify for a pension. (I believe the pension system is looking into whether he was actually sick during that time. Good luck there.) And apparently McCann had the second legal opinion that we could have fired Gandara with cause, and saved the nearly half a million dollars. McCann had withheld that opinion from the rest of the board. -But we all hate him because of that “R”?

    Then there was the Vega report, that looked into the whole election / PR Firm entanglement. That was withheld by McCann for months. It was apparently later withheld by others when said they would only reveal it if 3 board members requested it, and at that time McCann was finally all for releasing it. (Lopez had requested its release before, if I understand correctly.) But McCann could have released it months before when he was still president. – But we all are targeting him because of that “R”?

    The board voted to provide this year’s 7th graders with iPads (an obvious attempt to attract students from charter schools) at a cost of millions, borrowing from Mello Roos funds and Prop O funds (Which many people seem to feel that the funding that we taxpayers voted for was going towards building maintenance and school site improvements, not shiny toys that are going to need replacement in about 3 years.) – But we just don’t like that “R”

    There’s still problems like that big dirt pile over at Southwest High School that was brought in by the previous principal in the Spring of 2011 as a project. Untested dirt that originally couldn’t be used as originally designed due to rocks, then recent reporting that it tested for high levels of lead, pesticides and gas. After the pile has been sitting there a year and a half, and board still hasn’t provided copies of recent testing that proves its safe. And they are claiming they don’t know where it came from? They recently let go the principal who brought it in, they could have asked her. They know the company that hauled it in, who claims to have contracts, that would show where the dirt came from. Yet they don’t know, and they are still “investigating”? And, well, you just know it’s because of that blasted “R”

    And just look at other replies above regarding McCann’s actions, his recording of public speakers at the meetings, his insistence to shake hands with people opposing him after talking with public about how bad those haters, and more. Those are his actions.

    Through most of this, I say the board, but I believe Lopez (Sorry to say, that’s a “D”) has often been the only vote against the others. But that’s right, that “D” must be making her plot against the others. And all you can do is spout political rhetoric?

    Until you can bring facts to the table, again, you are not swaying this Fool. And, I’m outta here.

  23. Wow this post has sure been getting a lot of attention. I do think that Mr. McCann sees himself as an incredible leader to bad that is is only in his eyes and his world because everyone in the South Bay has seen him for what he is. What a shame he has to always lend himself to smear tactics against Ms Lopez to make himself feel better about his terrible service to the students of the South Bay.

    Throwing all your board members under the bus is typical McCann style. This dude has serious issues to bad sunnycrest can’t see through this but as the saying goes “love is blind”.

  24. Joe: No, Sunnycrest is not the person you falsely claimed him/her to be. We have removed that unsubstantiated allegation from your comment, as we don’t allow attempts at outing those using anonymity here. It’s unfair to both the person wanting anonymity, as well to the person that is falsely labeled as the blogger. That’s common sense.

  25. Thor’s Assistant:

    I am a bit confused, anonymity? Researching IP addresses when the comment is not to ones liking? Accusing several posters of being one even after I made it clear regarding the two persons posting under my ‘researched’ IP address.

    Perhaps the removal of what Joe fine said is due to the commented position, just a thought.

    I do not care for censorship unless it has to do with vulgarity – so i am choosing to make this my last post here. I will however continue to read as many of the articles are fuel for thought.

    We are blessed aren’t we, just look outside, what beautiful weather. we do indeed live in America’s finest city.

    From Admin: Kath, there is a difference between censorship and a private entity setting rules of the road that commenters must follow, especially when it may be libelous. But, we still don’t remove comments because we may simply differ with the opinion. Mr. Fines specifically attempted to name the author of the above post, “outing” someone, falsely we might add.

    An IP address has nothing to do with a commenter’s protected anonymity. We often know on the “back end” — by the email address typed in by the commenter — their real name. We don’t dlsclose that. Equally, our knowledge of an IP address doesn’t tell us a person’s identity, nor do we disclose the IP.

    An IP address coming up multiple times for different “names” is often an indication of one person attempting to falsely appear to be more than one person.

    We have acknowledged previously that you and another real commenter, per your statement as such, have posted from the same IP. We accept that. That is fine, as we indicated before. If it’s an apology you want, we do apologize for initially believing otherwise.

    There are those who continue to attempt to post under different names; we try to monitor that and remind commenters that it isn’t allowed. That is not, however, about you, Kath. We were probably initially heavy-handed in communicating that, and have accepted as fact that you are not doing so.

    Thank you.

  26. Getting back to the matter at hand, what sort of resolution can there be to the mess that is Sweetwater?

    Wouldn’t it be great to see all the barriers to the truth come tumbling down? Really, can someone tell us all about the OVER 50 MILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT MANAGEMENT? Who is managing all of Sweetwater’s accounts? They have had their own software for 8 – 10 years, so I have been told by the County Board of Education. Now, nominally, the county B of E has jurisdiction over Sweetwater, but I think Sweetwater has been doing pretty much what they want for far too long.

    I am pretty sure John McCann knows a great deal about all of Sweetwater’s financial situation/morass. How about stepping up, John? How about telling us what is really going on, rather than recycling your old jokes and tales of life in the Supply Div.?

    Here’s the thing: we are pretty sure John McCann is smarter than he is letting on…maybe the clown act is all about creating a public persona so goofy that he would be considered incapable of complicity in malfeasance? But then, why suppress the second legal opinion on Gandara?

    Lots of questions, no answers. And yet the claim that McCann is being targeted? No, not remotely feasible.

  27. Wow after reading all these blogs I bet the author of this article wishes they had not opened this can of worms so to speak. Now McCann knows how people really feel about him. People are not fooled by McCann or this article.

  28. “…how people really feel about him.”

    You mean the eight or so of you that have stated as much? Yes, that represents a majority of voters in the district! Count me as someone who understands which trustees had their homes raided and which did not, regardless of party.

  29. As someone who attended the SUHSD board meeting last night, I can tell you there are many people who are not happy about board decisions right now. It is difficult to list Sweetwater’s issues in order of most to least important–but–the largest group of extremely unhappy parents has to do with the cancellation of buses. Apparently parents were notified last Friday, July 20th, that many bus routes had been cancelled. As school starts this Wednesday, July 25th, parents are left scrambling for ways to get their children safely to and from school. One parent noted that as Eastlake High starts at 7 am, and the family lives 4.11 miles away, the student would have to leave at 5:30 in the morning in order to arrive on time, as he would have to walk.

    When confronted by all the anger and emotion of these parents, the board, never quick to comprehend, seemed surprised by the intensity. Board President Quinones looked to her board members and seemed to be looking for backup. She stated that when this decision was made, she was told that the public had been informed (which would have been several months ago). There is also some debate regarding when this vote to drastically eliminate bus routes actually took place, as another member of the public noted that after going over all public records, no mention of the vote was found.

    So it must have taken place amid secret decision-making meetings regarding budget cuts. Of course, all this is supposed to be a matter of public record.

    The public responded that the combination of providing students with expensive iPads and then having the students walk to school in the dark is really asking for trouble. There are members of society, who, when informed that little 7th graders all are carrying $1000 iPads are walking to and from school for miles, would be only too happy to ‘lighten their load’…yes, this is an open invitation to get school children mugged.

    Thank you Sweetwater Union High School District, and especially Dr. Brand for your peculiar ‘brand’ of Unclear on the Concept Education.

    And that is only the beginning.

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