Assessor Race Heats Up with GOP Endorsement of Olson

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The San Diego County Assessor’s race may not have the pure wallop as the already buzzing contest for Sheriff.  Yet, the winner in both campaigns next year will be among the few locally elected officials that represent the entire County of San Diego (along with the DA and Treasurer/Tax Collector). 

Even the County Supervisors each have “only” one-fifth of the area’s land mass.  Yet to win a Supe race in an open seat situation would take several thousands of dollars (hundreds of thousands, in most cases).

Woe, the poor little-known Assessor/Recorder/Clerk, who must run in an area five times the size of a Supervisor’s district.  No one knows who you are or what you do (unless you’re former officeholder Greg Smith, whose name might get some recognition, even after retiring about a year ago).  You can’t possibly walk even targeted precincts very effectively, not countywide.  And, how can a mail campaign mean much when you’re lucky to raise 100 bucks?  Ok…kidding about the last part, but truly, this race does not bode well for a candidate trying to sell donors in the pizzazz or “sexy” department.  Here’s a hint as to the office’s responsibility.

That primer out of the way, the Assessor’s race is now looking to be heating up a tad.  Luke warm, at least.  As Jim Sills broke on SD Rostra Friday, former State Board of Equalization Member and Republican Ernie Dronenburg filed his candidate intention form, resulting in a small debate over the weekend as to whether he should be annointed the frontrunner or not (check out the comments).

Then, at tonight’s Republican Party meeting, Jeff Olson, the number two guy in the Assessor’s office, nabbed the County GOP endorsement (you read it here first).

So, two Republicans apparently now in the field, with one nailing down early Republican support.  The appointed incumbent, Democrat David Butler?  He’s filed his intention form as well, but has made no announcements. 

As they say, developing.


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  1. Good scoop, Barry ! It has been a long time since an election
    for San Diego County Assessor has gotten THIS much attention.

    How long is a, “long time” ?

    Not since 1984 (!) when Republican Greg Smith defeated
    several challengers in a seriously contested race. That
    was the first of 7 straight Smith victories.

  2. And …. as Usual ….

    You are reading all these Exclusives FIRST within the
    pages of your Live, Local and Late-breaking Leader:

    …………………………. ” SD Rostra ” ……………………………….

  3. Two entries from the Twitter feed…

    From: @SDNewsfeed
    Sent: Dec 14, 2009 9:09p

    SDRostra ♦ Assessor Race Heats Up with GOP Endorsement of Olson:


    From: @TonyKrvaric
    Sent: Dec 14, 2009 7:37p

    San Diego Republicans endorse Dan McAllister for Treasurer, Jeff Olson for Assessor and Bonnie Dumanis for District Attorney. Game on! #tcot

  4. Dear Barry,

    Thanks for setting the record straight. Mr. Sills should have checked with the GOP prior to acting as their mouth piece in last Friday’s post. With Jeff Olson’s long list of endorsements, now including the GOP, he is clearly the front runner in the race for County Assessor. Congratulations Mr. Olson, Mr. McAllister & Ms. Dumanis. I have every faith that you will do our party proud.

    GOP Supporter

  5. Cowardly Critic:

    Did not read the original post, did you? Surprise !

    I spoke for myself, not the Central Committee, in reporting
    that Ernie Dronenburg was now a candidate for the office.
    There’s no reference to the Central Committee in the post.

    Our Job at SD Rostra is to report important political news.
    If you do not want to know what’s going on, Anonymous,
    that’s your problem.

  6. All due respect to GOP Supporter, but Dronenburg’s foray into the race was legitimate breaking news on Friday, and Olson’s endorsement tonite was as well. My post was not to counter that of Jim Sills but to do what we do here, provide the latest info if we have it, just as Jim did on Friday.

  7. Mr. Sills,

    You are one unhappy person! Your tone in your remarks are nothing short of arrogant. No person is cowardly if they are willing to stand up to someone or something. And, when you make remarks such as “GOP’s Ernie Dronenburg…”, you have implied Committee support. He just called you on it. Get over yourself!

  8. Chill people. The candidates haven’t even gotten nasty with each other yet!

  9. “Coward” is exactly the right word to describe someone
    who makes attacks while using a Fake name(s).

    This series of changing, childish allegations explain
    why you are afraid to put your own name to them.

  10. Holy cow….chill out. I suspect that nobody gets nasty. These are all men of integrity.

    Good grief.

  11. I appreciate the clarification, Paul, since the first time you wrote “men of integrity,” some might be confused as to whether I fit in both categories. LOL.

  12. Hello SD Rostra,

    I wanted to thank you all for your passionate interest in the race for San Diego County Assessor/Recorder/Clerk. I have been working very hard to get out the message of my campaign and the importance of this elected position and apparently you are listening. I would also like to thank the leadership of the GOP and my many other endorsers for your continued support.

    In an attempt to settle this discussion once and for all, I am the front runner for this office. The combination of my endorsements, my 20 years of experience in the Assessor’s office, and my proven commitment to the taxpayers of the County of San Diego uniquely qualifies me for this position and I am confident that we will be successful in 2010.

    Thanks again and play nice everyone!

    Jeff Olson

  13. Mr. Olson, congratulations on your GOP endorsement. I’ve been following your candidacy for a while now. You caught my attention when you spoke at the 4th of July Tea Party in East County. Your experience and sincerity are exactly what San Diego needs in the Assessor’s office. Good luck in your campaign!


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