Andrew Breitbart reports major new ACORN San Diego story…. Charges 17,000 documents were dumped , but they were recovered. Breitbart Hints government probes will now expand

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Andrew Breitbart, operator of the “Big Government” website (which
broke the ‘totally hidden’ ACORN video stories) is on KFI radio 640
tonight (Sunday) saying there is a major new development… and
the epicenter is San Diego again !

Breitbart alleges that in the face of probes by AG Jerry Brown and
others, some 17,000 documents were thrown into a dumpster near
ACORN’s local San Diego county office. Breitbart further says a
local PI recovered the documents, is cooperating with Breitbart, and
the documents (which Breitbart says are ACORN-related) are now
safely secured.

Breitbart was impressed enough by what he read of them, that he
promises TWO FULL WEEKS of revelations to come. The PI told
Breitbart he has been contacted by government investigators,
seeking new leads on their probes, though he did not specify who
they were.

The whole thing seems hard to believe on the surface… but then the
Totally Hidden videos from the local ACORN office also seemed im-

Stay tuned, for further developments.

A Press Conference is set outside ACORN’s local office tomorrow (Monday) at 11 a.m.


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  1. On his old Sunday Radio show, Matt Drudge would often say:

    “They’ll deny it tonight, they’ll confirm it tomorrow! “

  2. From the County Party…

    San Diego ACORN Document Dump Scandal
    20,000+ highly sensitive documents dumped in plain view just days before Attorney General Jerry Brown’s visit to San Diego ACORN

    San Diego, November 23rd – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:

    A massive “document dump” of more than 20,000 documents occured at San Diego ACORN in National City on October 9th, 2009 – just days before Attorney General Jerry Brown’s visit. We will be sharing some of the highly sensitive documents which were dumped, photos showing the sheer volume of documents, and video of ACORN operatives meeting on the evening of the “document dump.”

    Photos, samples of documents (redacted), and video footage of ACORN operatives meeting the evening of the “document dump”. DVDs with digital files will be provided.

    Tony Krvaric, chairman of the Republican Party of San Diego County and Derrick Roach – a licensed private investigator who took it upon himself to keep an eye on ACORN locally after the revelation of the undercover videos earlier this year. Both will be making brief statements and be available for questions.

    Outside of the offices of San Diego ACORN at 22 W. 35th Street, National City, CA 91950.

    11 AM PST on Monday, November 23rd

    Barrett Tetlow, Executive Director at or (714) 614-4455.



  4. Party Committees can coordinate directly with candidates for city office. Other entities would be prohibited from doing so. As such Emerald or Block would be prohibited from coordinating expenditures with ACORN. Coordination of grassroots activity would probably fall in the same sphere since the activities presumably have value. Frankly I’d also look for signs of coordination between ACORN and the last opponent of Brian Bilbray for Congress, too, since I seem to remember a post on the old Red County that many of the registrations occurred in that district.

  5. Given that Acorn had one of its largest success rates in Chula Vista, it would seem to me that every one of those registrations from them should be investigated. It would seem very possible that the local CV City Council elections held in Nov. 08 were a fraud. Who is going to investigate this?

    The SD County Registrar denies that Acorn had an effect. That leads me to believe there is a cover-up for obvious reasons.

  6. Lord knows I think the last Registrar of Voters, Mike Haas, did about as poor of a job as I can imagine, which is why we’d already raised 30k to start raising all Hell about him when he was magically ‘promoted’, but I think the current Registrar is rather on the competent side.


  7. I have a personal witness who was a employee of the registrar who will testify that he saw several workers illegally tamper with ballots in the CV races in particular. I have another personal witness will testify that he saw campaign flyers being handed out AT THE POLLS in CV for the Democract city council council candidates. I have another personal witness that wiil testify that she has first hand knowledge of registrar poll workers in CV that spoke in their native languages urging who to vote for. This is just for starters.

    The fact is that the County Registrar of Voters in SD has no idea what went on around her.

  8. And, Red Truth, would any of the witnesses like to come forward here or to the DA and substantiate any of the claims?

    You indicate that the witnesses will testify to the allegations. Let us know where and when. Or, let me know when we can set up an interview with them, so we can follow up.

    Warning, readers, this forum is for free speech, yet within reason when it comes to unsubstantiated charges. DO NOT use this forum to throw anonymous and potentially slanderous stuff out and hope it sticks.

  9. Administrator, I am working with fellow community activists in determining the time and place to reveal more details….stand-by.

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