Anderson locks up Supervisor victory

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In one of the tightest — and most exciting — races for a San Diego County Board of Supervisors seat in history, former State Senator Joel Anderson has edged out Poway Mayor Steve Vaus by 282 votes in District 2, a mere one-tenth of one percent of the nearly 290,000 ballots cast in the contest.

It’s been a long four weeks since election night for the candidates, both vying to succeed the term-limited Dianne Jacob. Vaus led in the first count on November 3, by 4,029 votes, 51.02 to Anderson’s 48.98 percent.

Since then, 92,133 mailed and provisional ballots were added to the tally, ultimately just under one-third of the total votes cast. Anderson slowly whittled into the Vaus lead, surpassing him a week following the election, then hanging on to claim the seat. In that time, Anderson received 52.34 percent of the added ballots.

The race is a great study in the marginal differences two candidates can have in support from voters between early mailed ballots, later mailed ballots, and those ballots cast at the polls.

Certification of the results takes place tomorrow. Last night Registrar of Voters Michael Vu confirmed his office is wrapping up the presidential canvas, but although they are leaving the results unofficial in case of any minor oddities, he said, “We really don’t anticipate anything else to count.”


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  1. Congratulations to Joel, his donors, his volunteers, and the Republican Party of San Diego County. It’s good to win what was an unnecessary challenge from Dianne Jacob and the Downtown rent-seekers

  2. So Dianne Jacob said she was the “Queen of East County.” Does that mean Joel Anderson is the new King. Asking for a friend.

  3. Congratulations Supervisor Anderson! It will be a tough time at the Board of Supervisors, at least for the next 2 years. We voted for the fighter that you always were in Sacramento. Looking forward to having you in County Government!

  4. Joel – So glad to see you back in the saddle again.

    Let us know how we can help you!

  5. In the end, East County voters put their mark where their mouth was. Vaus was never what East County wanted but Jacob, et al, thought we could be bamboozled (how’s that for an old word). I’ll give her credit, she tried every trick in the books to “pay back” the County Republican Party and those in East County who stood up to her, including myself. She came close but in the end she failed for the same reason people like her always fail…the “man on the street” is able to see through the smoke and mirrors. Joel, thank you for working this campaign so hard and know that you have the support of those you need, for whatever you need.

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