American Health Care Act an Important First Step

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by San Diego City Councilmember Scott Sherman

There’s a reason Congress has approval ratings in the single digits – they never seem to keep their promises, unless it means spending more money. That’s why it is nice to see House Republicans like Darrell Issa following through on their commitment to fix our healthcare system.

Most people don’t appreciate that Obamacare was collapsing and probably within the next year, the health care exchanges set up by the ACA were going to implode. The doomsday scenarios from Nancy Pelosi and her gang about people losing their coverage seem to ignore that Obamacare is failing and if Issa & Company hadn’t taken action, those previously uninsured would’ve been left with no system to insure them.

Just months after an election where the American people made it clear they are sick and tired of Washington dysfunction, House Republicans fast-tracked a bold plan. Their proposal will cut premiums while also cutting the deficit and finally get government out of our personal medical decisions.

The House bill is not perfect and it’s in the Senate now. Senate Republicans are developing their own version and while we don’t know what it is going to look like, I am pretty sure it’ll look much better than the mess we have now.

The plan Darrell voted for will expand options by bringing competition back to the marketplace and removing government mandates that stifle competition, while protecting people with preexisting conditions.

The American Health Care Act is important first step toward a promise kept and gives some hope to all of us who want a fair and functional healthcare system.


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  1. Most Republicans predicted that Obamacare would have bankrupted the nation by now
    and would have destroyed millions of jobs. Why should I believe a word of your editorial?

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