Air Marshall’s Reserve Corps proposed by San Diego Judge Larry Stirling (ret)

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Here is a Guest Column by retired Judge Larry Stirling. His life experiences include being a US Army Captain in scenic Korea, and a GOP
State Senator and Assemblyman.


Janet Napolitano is a nit wit. Nothing in her professional experience qualifies her to take charge of the security of a Wal-Mart store, let alone a nation under attack by a world-wide Muslim terrorist movement.

The daily operations and conduct of the blatantly incompetent and entirely misnamed Transportation Safety Agency directly reflects her level of ineptitude.

How do we know? Because a Muslim named Umar Farouk Abdulmutallab boarded a Northwest Orient Airliner bound from Amsterdam to Detroit. . He did so with a crotch full of the material used in detonation cords and attempted to set it off over America territory.

And he did so it fully six months after his own father repeatedly warned the authorities at the US embassy in his home country that his son was a radicalized nut and would do something dangerous…six months before!

His father lives in Nigeria where Islam is the dominant religion. His father has put his life on the line to save us from his own son.

And we squandered the information thanks to the Napolitano team. God bless and protect Mr. Abdulmutallab senior but shame on you Janet and you too Mr. Obama for appointing and keeping her.

Given the current vacuousness of American journalism and especially the Associated Press, you probably don’t remember when Napolitano alienated our oldest and closest ally by falsely claiming that the 9-11 hijackers entered the United States via Canada.

They didn’t. They were welcomed directly into our country by American immigration authorities.

Perhaps you do remember that she issued a report directing national security resources to track American military veterans because they might be motivated to kill Barack Obama because he was of mixed race.

Her attack on America veterans was disgraceful and worse completely unfounded. Obama guaranteed himself the protection and good wishes of every American by appointing the Rogaine-challenged Joseph Biden to be vice president.

A great nation can survive a rogue as president, but not a clown.

To absolutely prove that she should be removed from office and someone with national security experience appointed, when asked about Umar’s antics, Napolitano reportedly responded: “The system worked as it should.”

The system worked as “it should?”

When someone calls our embassy from a predominately Muslim country and says my son, with a really long name and really short temper, is dangerous to your country, protect yourself and Janet’s team ignores that, what should we call that?

His son then boarded an aircraft with explosives (when I can’t take on Listerine) and then tried to kill everyone and give our Muslim enemies yet another victory.

As a result and to cover their collective derrieres, the Napolitano TSA then adopts rules that we citizens will now not be permitted to leave our seats during the last hour of the flight or have anything on our laps.

How does that help our team get valuable intelligence to the boarding authorities to keep dangerous people off of our airplanes?

They screw up and we have to suffer even more restrictions on our God-given and hard-earned liberties? Balderdash!

I will be interested if even one person among the sacred bureaucracy gets canned over this mess. Not likely.

There was one piece of good news. On this plane, like every other, there were passengers of courage who were ready to protect not only themselves but the rest of us.

I remember flying right after 9-11 and giving my card to the flight crew. I indicated my seat location and that if they needed any help whatsoever, to feel free to call on me.

As an ex varsity football letterman, a twenty-year infantry officer, and presently working in my second black belt degree in Korean Taekwondo, I was perfectly willing to help protect the plane, not to mention my wife and I, should the crew feel it necessary.

And I know from Todd Beamer’s famous words “Let’s roll” from Delta Flight 1989, that there are thousands of others just like me.

Thus, I propose that the government authorize the establishment of an Air Marshal’s Reserve Corps.

Perhaps even the Mickey Mouse DHS can cobble together a relevant program of instruction prescribing reasonable training that thousands of willing citizens would voluntarily undertake at our own expense to augment air-travel safety.

Right now the Muslim radicals are probing our defenses. They are looking for and finding the weak spots. Once they have scouted those out, they will launch a major attack on our air transportation system.

They found our major weakness: Janet Napolitano.
My hope is that the next time one of the Muslim jock-strap bombers gets aboard one of our planes, he will encounter a bunch of people trained and organized to take him down.

I know, unionized bureaucracies hate volunteers, but they are not on those planes, we are.

It is clear that the cowardly TSA is more comfortable herding American passenger sheep rather than confronting Muslim wolves.


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  1. Great article! It seems like every time my family and 3 yr old children travel, we are always selected for additional screening by these inept TSA jokes, yet to maintain their Politically Correct ways, they let the usual suspects slide right by.

    Napolitano is a joke as well. Our current administration doesn’t care about our citizens safety.

  2. Great article, I have been thinking about this for years and keep wondering why they are not developing an air marshall reserve program. As a 20 year veteran and officer in the US Navy reserve we have thousands of qualified reservists that have security clearances and military training that fly frequently in civilian careers, this force could be used directly from the reserves or as NEW program for TSA. Question is, when is somone going to start thinking about this and develop the program with resources we all ready have!!! Someone go to DC and pitch this to the DHS Secretary PLEASE!!

  3. Excellent article and right to the point.
    This needs to gather momentum and publicity and needs to be presented to someone much higher up than Napolitano.

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