AD 78 …Toni Atkins has primary challenge — Supervisor Greg Cox still unopposed — and reports he has $343,939 cash-on-hand. No wonder!

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Read about new candidates first at SD  Rostra… (1) Assemblywoman Toni Atkins faces a Democratic primary challenge from veteran attorney Donald Loftus  of San Diego… (2) Supervisor Dianne Jacob (R) has a new competitor, Michael Shea of El Cajon, in the 2nd Supervisorial District.  Rudy Reyes is already in that field.  Both Reyes and Shea are Democrats… (3) Supervisor Greg Cox (R) remains unopposed in the South Bay, but has $343,939 cash-on-hand,  just in case, as disclosed in a Form 460 filed late WednesdayGreg Cox, a former Chula Vista mayor, has served District One since 1995.

Yes, we know it’s an Open/Jungle/Aussie rules primary election now, bur Mr. Loftus and Ms. Atkins will be competing for Democratic voters, so PLEASE no tedious lectures.  Thank you.


Credit is due to Rostra’s Hydrilla Guerrillas for gathering these political news nuggets and forwarding them on to our Secure, Undisclosed Underground HQ.  The guerrillas were recently honored at a special luncheon chaired by the Victory Bear.  The Bear won’t eat his meals unless Erica Holloway personally cuts them up into small pieces first.  What a Baby…. We thank Erica for being a good sport.


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  1. Jim,

    Thanks for keeping us updated. Do you know if any Republicans have declared yet to run against Atkins in AD 78?

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