AD 77 race Update. There IS a Democrat running for the Nathan Fletcher seat …. Dustin Steiner and Maienschein for GOP

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Commenting on  the Dustin Steiner v. Brian Maienschein GOP primary in AD 77, Rostra regulars Erik and Alger wondered if a credible Democrat would  run here.  If not,  the two Republicans could battle all the way to November.  Well,  the Secretary of State’s website shows a credible Democrat is running:  Ruben Hernandez.  He has an active website as well, and resides in the redrawn 77th State Assembly seat.   (That’s Nathan Fletcher’s district, called the 75th when he won it in November, 2010.)

If Mr. Hernandez is the sole candidate with “Democrat”  next to his name on the June 2012 primary election ballot,  he has a significant chance of making the Fall runoff.


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  1. From what I hear, Hernandez will not run. Even if he did, I still think the November race will be between Steiner and Maeinschein who will certainly pull some Democratic votes.

  2. Mr. Hernandez communicates on Twitter, and his
    biographical summary there says:

    “Bio:. Native Californian, Businessman/ CEO &
    Democrat Running for Assembly District 77.”

    He added new messages there in recent days.

    Sounds like a candidate.

  3. You’re forgetting about Kevin Davis. He’s running too and he’ll have a better chance than Steiner, especially on getting the endorsement. Steiner’s just a name at this point. It’s going to be Davis and Maienschein. And Davis is going to attack Maienschein on the pension underfunding and get those D votes to secure his spot.

  4. Kevin Davis has a chance of getting what endorsement, the Central Committee’s? Let me get off the floor long enough to say no-how, no-way will he ever get any vote of confidence from the GOP. Certainly not based on his history. Davis is just a name at this point, not any greater than Steiner. He’s going to attack Maienschein with what money? Oh yeah, he’s got Joe Arpaio’s endorsement…a great conservative that knows absolutely nothing about San Diego.

  5. This is laughable, from Davis company bio –

    “Kevin spent nearly two years at a political finance and public relations consulting firm, where he worked with campaign clients at the local, state and federal level, including the Governor of California and 2 Presidential candidates. He brings expertise in coordinating complex outreach initiatives, managing diverse stakeholder groups, and planning events that require positive relationships with high-level political figures and executives.”

    He was a flunky for Dorsee, nothing more. This make it sounds like he did something besides decide which eggs to order for the breakfast fundraiser.

    I’m all about “up and coming” politicos, but you have to do something first. Something to show me you are worthy of a vote. Steiner has done that with years of policy work at the county. Brian has a solid background as well.

    This is an ego trip for Davis and there is no way he will pick up the county party endorsement.

  6. What’s so special about Dustin Steiner that makes him more likely to get the party endorsement than Davis? What do you think the likelihood it would be that the party endorses Maienschein, over them all, despite his moderate political standing?

  7. I said nothing about Steiner or Maienschein being more likely to get the endorsement than the other, nor did I opine whether there would be no endorsement. I said that Davis would not get the endorsement. He won’t.

    If there is one thing that can be said for Kevin Davis, he has completely alienated the great majority of the central committee members and many volunteers, through his bizarre actions.

    See Chevy Sam’s comment above? Ask Dorsee if Davis’s inflated bio warrants such positive statements. She is a class act, so she probably won’t have anything to say.

    This guy is not assembly material. It’s like an intern deciding to run for the legislature.

  8. Again, in a district that is solid R I REALLY hope the party stays out. I somehow doubt it, but I am hoping.

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