AD 76: Hodges endorsed by GOP

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Assembly District 76 candidate Sherry Hodges has received the local Republican Party endorsement.

After she previously narrowly missed reaching the required two-thirds vote needed for an endorsement before the three-way June primary, with the field now narrowed to two, Hodges reached the threshold at tonight’s GOP endorsement session.

Hodges will carry the Republican banner against Rocky Chavez heading into the November general election.


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  1. Post

    Press Release:

    Republican Party Endorses Sherry Hodges for Assembly in AD 76

    SAN DIEGO, CA – – The Republican Party of San Diego County has formally endorsed Sherry Hodges for State Assembly in the 76th district. The endorsement, made last night, establishes Hodges as the clear frontrunner in the heavily Republican north San Diego County district. 

    “The Republican Party of San Diego County is proud to endorse Sherry Hodges for Assembly,” said San Diego party Chairman Tony Krvaric. “Sherry is committed to limited government, lower taxes, less wasteful spending and improving California’s business climate. She will be an outstanding representative for San Diego County and the 76th district.” 

    Since the June primary, Hodges has received numerous key endorsements from groups and individuals who sat out the 3 way primary campaign. Recently Hodges was endorsed by the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association and by San Diego City Councilman and Mayoral candidate Carl DeMaio. 

    “I have worked hard with many, many dedicated volunteers to help build the party in San Diego into the finest county party in the state, and to receive the endorsement is a tremendous honor,” Hodges said. 

    To learn more about Sherry’s campaign and view an extended supporter list please visit

  2. Congratulations to Ms. Hodges for getting the San Diego Republican Party endorsement but I don’t think that establishes her as the ‘clear frontrunner’ – Rocky got 4,000 more votes from citizens.

    Last night at the SD Republican Central Committee Ms. Hodges passed out a flyer with a photograph and the copy said, “What Kind of a Republican Candidate Features Bob Filner in his Campaign Mail” and then went on to say “Poor Choice,” Rocky Chavez. No, poor choice Ms. Hodges I think.

    This is a photo from a Veteran of the Year Luncheon in 2010 with SgtMaj (USMC Retired) William “Movin” Vann receiving a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition as he was the nominee for Veteran of the Year from the Montford Point Marine Association, San Diego Chapter 12. His story is amazing and I would agree with the comments from Montford Point Marines Chapter 12 – “A true Hero, an outstanding American, and Great Marine. . . ”

    Pictured with SgtMaj Vann are several people – (don’t know all) but Stan Johnson, Director of Veterans Affairs for San Diego, is on the the left, then Rocky Chavez – he was then Acting Secretary of the California Dept. of Veterans Affairs and Congressman Bob Filner, then Chairman of the House Committee on Veterans Affairs, on the right with SgtMaj (USMC Retired) William “Movin” Vann in the middle. This photo is on Rocky’s campaign home page and elswhere – Veterans are a key issue in his campaign.
    To take a photo of a Montford Point Marine getting an important award and make it all about local party politics a couple years later is just plain wrong – not to mention tacky.

    fyi – Some West Coast Montford Point Marines are getting Congressional Gold Medals today on Camp Pendleton at 2pm –

    Janene Shepherd (I work/volunteer on the Rocky Chavez for Assembly 2012 campaign)

    Vet of the Year Luncheon – photos from Montford Point Marine Assocation, Inc; San Diego Ca Chapter 12:

  3. After Rocky’s time with the Veterans Affairs office the picture he chose for his mail piece is with Congressman Bob Filner. Is that the best or only picture he had to choose from?

  4. Shame on YOU, Sherry Hodges. You are like Obama. You can’t run on your accomplishments, so you have to beat down your opponent. You slammed Farrah Douglas, and now you are slamming Rocky Chavez. I hope you can’t sleep at night. Shame on YOU! Shame on the Republican San Diego Central Committee for not doing their homework.

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