Accelerate — Friday’s 17K Mail Ballots break 46% GOP, 37% Demo — Republican lead now + 4,755 — “Enthusiasm Gap” alive and well

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Another 16,829 mail ballots were processed Friday and registered  Republicans made up  46% of them, while 37%  were Democratic.  Those numbers were 43-38  Republican on Thursday, and 41-39 GOP on Monday.  The countywide Republican  lead in the total running count is now + 4,755 mail ballots.  This clear trend suggests the famous “enthusiam Gap” of 2010  is alive and well.  Republicans are more tuned-in and motivated so far in 2012 than Democrats or Independents in SD county.   ” Indys” were  14% on Friday,  vs. their 24% of local registration.

Mail ballots comprised 60% to 65% of all SD ballots cast in the June 2008 and June 2010 state primaries, so what is going on  with the vote-by-mail program in 2012 is crucial.  

Republicans are 35.2 % of total SD county registration.  That means  the GOP is  running 7% ahead of their registration in early voting, and gaining steam.   Can Tony Krvaric, the  RWF  and GOP candidates  maintain their “Big Mo”  into next week?    Stay Tuned to SD Rostra  for the answer.   (*RWF =  Republican Women Federated).


SD Rostra readers can  follow these intriguing developments in Real Time thanks to the San Diego County Registrar of Voters office.  You might think  Public Access to Public information is an Obvious idea … but it is Not!   We are fortunate that  Deborah Seiler and her staff believe San Diegans have a right to know what’s happening.  This refreshing attitude should be applauded! 

 …..COMPOSITION OF THE  ‘ Minor Party’  VOTE

Who are those guys?  The bulk are members of the American Independent Party (4,201) , followed by Libertarians  (707),  Greens (385),  and Peace & Freedom  (135).



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