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Leaders (and I use that term loosely) who pushed for Proposition D now know that there won’t be a hike in the already high sales tax in the City. The question for Jerry Sanders is: Are you still a Republican and if so, why?

It’s a good question that I’d like somebody to ask him for two reasons. First, Jerry spit in the eye of many people who fought for him and defended him during political and policy battles in the past and in my opinion, he needs to apologize to the people who supported him and whom he betrayed. He should especially apologize to the two Republican Council members whom he publicly attacked and ridiculed in a mean spirited manner during the campaign.

Second, his answer will be indicative of how he’s likely to proceed during his final two years in office. If Jerry is a RINO, as I suspect, then he will continue to align himself with his Prop D labor friends to limit reform and minimize headaches with Democrats and their puppet master Big Labor. His working with Todd Gloria and Marti Emerald to make faux-reform while protecting Labor unions from necessary cut backs to lavish pension and healthcare benefits will show him to be a lame duck who just wants to avoid tough decisions. Furthermore, that approach will have him continue to attack Carl DeMaio, Kevin Faulconer and Jan Goldsmith for trying to do what’s right for taxpayers.

If he’s a Republican, he’ll work with the three Council Republicans, the Republican City Attorney and select Democrats like Tony Young and Sherri Lightner to work on meaningful reforms. We’ve seen Carl DeMaio release a detailed plan and I hope other City politicians will do the same types of plans soon too. Jerry needs to put aside his post Prop D bruised ego and work to improve San Diego while he still has a chance. Otherwise, he’ll just be our local version of the Governator. Another big disappointment.


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