$70K pay for janitors + rate hike should = revolt

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At the end of my typical talk on California and our public employee problems, I usually ask my audience, “What’s the ONE important lesson you should take away with you from my presentation?”  

I get the usual responses — “No new taxes!” — “Throw the bums out!” — “Vote GOP!” — “Elect Rider as dictator for life!” (that last one doesn’t come up often enough).

But then I must gently chastise my newly brainwashed disciples, presenting the REAL lesson I’m imparting: “Get a government job!”

After reading this Chris Reed article below, I might have to narrow that advice — get an UNSKILLED government job — ideally with a government agency that flies below the media radar (such as a water district).

Incredible pay scale, no training needed (saving YEARS of college time and cost — and thus allowing one to retire years earlier with a fat pension), no after-work stress, no employer work expectations or standards, GREAT benefits, and more holidays.  Plus rock-solid job security.

Furthermore, if the government job involves any menial labor at all, then the chances are good that one can file a disability claim upon retirement — which, if successful (and WAY too often it is) — exempts up to half of one’s juicy pension from federal and state income tax.  Because of our progressive tax system, that doesn’t save just HALF the taxes — eliminating the TOP half of one’s pension for tax purposes saves 70%-90% on income taxes.

For those of you interested in more skilled government jobs (not sufficiently challenged by “wax on, wax off”), consider this excerpt from the piece:

“Welders’ and machinists’ pay grew 18% on average to $132,548 and $142,562, respectively. Those figures represent full-time employees who worked entire years in 2008 and 2012.”  PLUS benefits.

Read the full Chris Reed article below. But first I recommend that you ingest your preferred recreational drug of choice.  (Mine’s diet Pepsi, but I’m not judgmental in such matters.)


$70K pay for janitors + rate hike should = revolt

June 6, 2013

By Chris Reed

LADWPLast year, the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power imposed an 11 percent rate hike — which it called a “rate change” — on its power customers, while water customers saw rates go up 5 percent.

Millions of Angelenos will no doubt be thrilled to know what this is paying for: $70,000 a year janitors. No wonder DWP unions want to keep pay data secret.

This is from the L.A. Times:

Average DWP pay: $101,237. It’s good to be DWPer

“Los Angeles County Superior Court Judge James Chalfant stared in disbelief Tuesday at a list of hundreds of Department of Water and Power employees who have asked that their names and salaries be withheld from the public, citing safety concerns.

“On the list were mechanics, typists and meter readers.

“‘This is frivolous on its face; I mean, these are DWP employees,’ Chalfant said, noting that the names of government employees are public and even undercover police officers have a hard time demonstrating they would be in danger if their names appeared on a list of department employees. …

. . .

To read the rest of the outrageous article, go to the link:


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  1. Union extortion and votes for perks is what you get when the silent majority stays silent. Bilking of the taxpayer has ruined this state and most city budgets. When does it stop or is it already too late?

  2. LA DWP has been without any real accountability to anyone since the agency was created. These were the people that hired Pinkerton to run a covert war in the Owens Valley, during the 1920’s, against farmers who were hesitant to sell their water rights (ok, that might have been a little dramatic), and then proceeded to turn that valley into a desert. These are the people who, lacking any oversight or accountability, built a damn in San Francisquito that only held for about 24 hours after the reservoir that it was supposed to hold was filled – causing one of CA’s largest ever disasters.

    More recently, these were the people in the 80’s and 90’s who rolled around LA in blacked out limos and openly mocked the LA City Council for questioning their business practices. The ethical practices of the LA DWP are a throwback to California that was depicted in one of my favorite movies: LA Confidential; and clearly demonstrate just how dangerous the government internalization of public services can be.

    Also reminds me of when Mr. Rider touted the “phone book” test in his 2005 campaign…

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