49th Congressional District – Overlapping AD/SD/Supe/BOE

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For those wondering how certain candidates might be geographically positioned for this seat, here is a quick breakdown of overlapping districts, based on data from Political Data Inc. If the display below does not load correctly, here is a PDF.

District Incumbent Voters % of CD49
SD 36 – 36TH STATE SENATE DISTRICT Sen. Pat Bates 348,847 90.04%
SD 38 – 38TH STATE SENATE DISTRICT Sen. Joel Anderson 16,699 4.31%
AD 73 – 73RD ASSEMBLY DISTRICT Asm. Bill Brough 98,573 25.44%
AD 75 – 75TH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT Asm. Marie Waldron 6,949 1.79%
AD 76 – 76TH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT Asm. Rocky Chavez 245,500 63.36%
AD 77 – 77TH ASSEMBLY DISTRICT Asm. Brian Maienschein 16,491 4.26%
4th BOE District Diane Harkey 387,439 100.00%
ORANGE – 5TH SUPERVISORIAL DISTRICT Supervisor Lisa Bartlett 98,573 25.44%
SAN DIEGO – 3RD SUPERVISORIAL DISTRICT Supervisor Kristin Gaspar 65,078 16.80%
SAN DIEGO – 5TH SUPERVISORIAL DISTRICT Supervisor Bill Horn 220,828 57.00%
49th Congressional District Total 387,439

Here’s all the Congressman Darrell Issa coverage.


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  1. I am a constituent of the 49th district and a conservative Republican. I voted for and strongly support President Trump.

    I live in Covenant Hills in Ladera Ranch. Who, in your opinion, should I support in the 49th? Who best suppports Trump’s agenda and is a staunch conservative, pro military, pro border protection, repeal and replace of ObamaCare, pro tax reform/reduction and pro business?

    You and your group seems to have an informed opinion and I would really appreciate your opinion on this matter.

    Thank You,
    Dean Katzelis
    Ladera Ranch

  2. @Dean Katzelis

    I won’t offer an opinion but I’ll point you to some facts:

    Rocky Chavez on

    Raising Taxes–
    Military Spending–

    Diane Harkey on:

    Raising Taxes–

    Military Spending–

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