CA or TX? Flourish or just survive, the choice is yours.

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Want to start a new tech firm? CA is a good place, primarily because of the talent pool.

Want your business to GROW and PROSPER? Flee to Texas, or any other business friendly state. Here’s yet another example to consider.

EXCERPT (and good summary):

Want to create ideas? California is still the place. Want job and business growth—go to Texas. Want high taxes bad regulations and a government that does not trust citizens with freedom? California is the place. Need a place to allow you to have dominion over your business and family, and then go to Texas or any other Free State. California is no longer free; more than half your wages go to government.

The company — which supports iPad point-of-sale systems and back-end analytics — has signed an office lease in Uptown, which employs 20 workers. By the end of this year, Revel plans to hire an additional 60 employees to support develop new customers and provide technical support in Texas and the rest of the country.

Small business in Texas does well. Small businesses in California survive? Want to flourish or just survive, the choice is yours.


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