Three Biggest Upsets — Mary England (AD 79), Mark Powell (SD Schools), Gary Kreep (Judge) —- These Inspiring underdogs confirm Democracy still works in 2012

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Here are my Nominees for  Biggest Upsets in the June 2012 San Diego primary.  Readers are invited to add more names or causes with your comments….

(1)  Mark Powell  SD City Schools, Seat A.  A late entrant who proved that a solid, fact-based message is what voters hunger for.  Powell (R)  leads incumbent John Evans (D)  9,961 votes  to 9,915.  A citywide runoff race will follow.

(2)  Mary England (R) 79th Assembly. With limited resources, Lemon Grove’s councilwoman got her  message out, leading  a 6-candidate field most of the night. Consultant John Hoy did stellar work for her.  She now faces Shirley Weber (D) in the Fall.

(3)  Gary George Kreep, Superior Court, office 34. In football terms, he was a two touchdown underdog to a well-regarded Deputy DA.  But On the last play bulletin of the game at 2 a.m.  Kreep took his first lead…  147,739 votes  to 147,683 !   There are 135K absentees still to count, but Kreep’s unapologetic pro-Constitutional stance is already a winner. 

Thank you to Mary England, Gary Kreep and Mark Powell.  They willingly took on long-shot causes and proved that in San Diego, California, USA, 2012… Courage  still  counts.


DISCLOSURE:   Gary Kreep for Superior Court Judge is a client.


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  1. I really hope that the absentees have the same trend, Powell, Kreep and England are solid conservative candidates and will do a great job when elected.
    As usual, Ms. Right is 100% correct !

    Jim Sills

  2. “Gary Kreep’s unapologetic pro-Constitutional stance is already a winner.”

    Gosh Jim, you sound like a Ron Paul supporter 🙂 Although I’m razzing you, the message is true. Kreep’s campaign was about a message and a darned good one at that.

    The remarkable accomplishment is that his lead in this seat is a battle of good versus great; Garland Peed is a good man and would make an more than acceptable judge. Gary Kreep will make an exceptional judge and that is why I voted for him.

    For the first time in years, I voted for the “greater of two goods” rather than the “lesser of two evils”. I hope Gary wins but, if he doesn’t, I can smile at the guy looking at me when I shave.

    PS; As close as this election is, I’ll go out on a limb and suggest that the Tri-City Tea Party Justice Forum will be the deciding factor. Gary impressed 2/3 of the 100 people who attended. Most of them are “sneezers” (meaning, their neighbors ask them about the Judge candidates and they “sneeze” their choices, “infecting” new voters). I won’t be surprised if his performance there earned him the 200-300 votes needed to win.


    “Sneezers” is a new term to me, and a good one. ‘Word-of-mouth’ descrbes the same phenomenon, and it moves many votes every year.

    Jim Sills

  3. Judge Gary Kreep

    That sounds great! A Constitutionalist! We all win. 🙂

    Still 135,000 more votes to count (late absentees and provisionals)
    but it is stunning that Gary Kreep has every chance to win.

    Jim Sills

  4. If Kreep is elected, will he have to drop his lawsuit claiming Obama is not eligible to be President because (according to Kreep) he was born in Kenya?

    From Admin: Whatever the current status of any lawsuit, Mr. Kreep would have to answer. But, we’re guessing you know the answer to your question already — any lawyer serving as a judge cannot practice law. Mr. Kreep knows this, of course, as does any lawyer running for judge, including others that have been hi-lited on Rostra, including Jim Miller and David Berry.



    Attorneys represent clients. A client wants to know more about a subject like this, and hires an attorney to pursue it….. But the lawsuit belongs to the Client, not to the attorney …. Jim Sills

  5. Gary ran a solid race and I am proud he was able to message that our bench needs more private attorneys with broad experiences vs. the narrow experience of yet another government prosecutor. If anyone should know that position it’s me. Glad to have Gary on my side (as well as Mary I will add). He is going to win this thing as I remember 2010 when I kept getting closer and closer to my DA opponent but just couldn’t catch him and as now for 2012 my lead grows each count over my opponent. The message is reaching the voters and that is great!! I am off to November and look forward to swearing in with Gary in January.

    Jim Miller
    Candidate for Judge, seat 25

  6. “But the lawsuit belongs to the Client, not to the attorney.”

    The Plaintiff in this case was Alan Keyes so the questions about motivation should best be directed at him.

    I think it’s noteworthy that Kreep was critical of the PATRIOT Act during the Bush years, litigated to overturn the indefinite detention provision of the NDAA, and is critical of SOPA/PIPA and CISPA — all issues which the modern Republican Party enthusiastically supports.

  7. Mark Powell’s comments on:

    “Over the last 3 years, all economic indicators pointed to a drastic reduction in state and district revenues. Ignoring while fully aware of this fact, the San Diego Unified board of trustees voted for a 7.2% pay raise for teachers. In the article John Evans is quoted to say, “This is a deal that a lot of people said would never happen,” Now, board president John Evans is trying to sound like he rescued the district, pretending he had nothing to do with the horrible predicament he put them in. It’s like driving someone over in a crosswalk, giving them emergency first aid and then pretending to have saved the persons life, when the driver caused the accident. Now the teachers will also have to suffer the brunt of poor decision-making to help keep the district afloat. As awful as it is, the teachers will have to give up their pay raises, and they will have to take furlough days. And if the Governors Jerry Brown’s tax initiative does not pass the school year could be shorted by an additional 14 days. All indications so far are that the general public is not in favor of a tax increase. Is John Evans aware of this or is he just ignoring this fact as well. Why were addition furlough day concessions negotiated into this teacher deal, because it is not good for teachers, parents and most critically students? John Evans’ poor decisions are going to result in the widening the current achievement gap and will make the work environment for remaining teachers more difficult; and most importantly, making the learning environment for our children more challenging. John Evans and this board did not save the district and has once again put the teachers and students in a compromising situation through misguided leadership and poor decisions.”

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