Gov Brown sends Democrats a message – In essence: “Fletcher is our man”

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For you right-of-center Rostra supporters of Nathan Fletcher (even for the trolls!):

You don’t need to believe Carl DeMaio backers concerning Fletcher’s pronounced move to the left. Believe the DEMOCRATS.

Starting with Governor Jerry Brown. He’s made clear to Democrats that Fletcher will be their man in San Diego. See below.

I’m not a fan of Jerry Brown, but in this matter, I trust his judgment.



By Michael Smolens

Originally published May 30, 2012

He didn’t call it an endorsement, but Gov. Jerry Brown sent a signal to fellow Democrats about San Diego’s Republican-turned-independent mayoral candidate.

“Nathan Fletcher stands out from the pack especially when he voted to close a big tax loophole that rewards companies that ship jobs out of California. In the face of partisan pressures, he maintains his independence and calls it like he sees it,” Brown said in a statement released by the Fletcher campaign Tuesday.

(Read the entire story at the link above.)


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  1. It’s only a matter of time before Nathan becomes a democrat…seems like he is getting pretty cozy with them.

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  3. Nice compliment for Fletcher who is capable of working across the isle, unlike his opponent DeMaio who does not “play nice” or fair with his fellow Councilmembers. More people are becoming fed up with the “my way of the highway” attitudes of some politicians. Fletcher offers a breath of fresh air in this race.

  4. First reader that can tell us the difference between isle and aisle as it relates to the phrase Gwendolyn used gets bragging rights for today.

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  6. Maybe she thinks Republicans live in Bay Park and Democrats live in Mission Beach (although Fiesta “Isle” is technically a peninsula)

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  8. Looking forward to the results next week. Should be interesting considering many more Independents (DTS) may be voting.
    Fletcher has been getting some good press. Audiences tend to like him. And Filner still cracks them up….a good sign. Somebody’s got to have a sense of humor around here.

  9. Brian, YOU WIN!

    Readers, the phrase “working across the aisle” is in reference to legislative bodies in which the two parties sit on opposite sides of the chamber, typically divided by an aisle; it is not in reference to a small elevated land mass surrounded by seawater. Although, the latter is where we’d like some legislators to go.

  10. And Thor’s Assist.:

    You have won the prize for the perfect description of how Fletcher will operate, if he is elected Mayor of San Diego. It’s time we have a Mayor and Council-members who can work together to solve our City’s problems.



    Actually, that was your point, not ours. We were just spelling it for everyone. -Admin

  11. “Actually, that was your point, not ours. We were just spelling it for everyone. -Admin”

    Thanks again for spelling it out that indeed Fletcher is known for “working across the aisle”. That’s how things get done. People like that.

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