“Don’t vote Republican” and your reason is???

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The writer of this letter to the Opinion section of the Poway Chieftain suggest that we should not vote Republican because they vote to cut. Yes, that is right in a lot of cases, but how are we going to even attempt to solve Sacramento’s budget woes if we don’t cut? Raising taxes and fees, especially during tough economic times, doesn’t make sense. The real problem is the LACK of fiscal constraint in Sacramento. Everyone promises the world to get elected. They know that if they started to cut these programs, that they face a serious chance of defeat (Creating and expanding programs in good years, and giving nice salaries and benefits to workers are a big part of this problem. BTW, I am a government employee who likes money and benefits, but I am also aware that too much was given to my fellow comrades in government).

So the writer of this letter (And sadly, there are lots of them out there), needs to grasp the seriousness of the problem. If they don’t want funding for schools to be cut, then they need to offer viable solutions to balancing the budget. Most informed voters understand that this budget mess is the fault of both the Democrats and the Republicans.

What we need is for Sacramento to learn to live BELOW their means, and that the “smoke and mirror” approach can no longer be used.

So I’d like to hear your ideas for balancing the budget without raising taxes or cutting education. Also, if you agree with this writer of this letter, I’d really like to know why.


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  1. Remember, four out of five such letters are now written by public employees. They are making a concerted effort to influence thought in CA.

    Nothing wrong with that. Just realize the economic self interest of the writer.

    For government employees, paying a little higher personal taxes (and driving productive people and businesses from the area) is a small price for them to pay to get their fabulous salaries, huge pensions and rock-solid job security.

  2. BTW, as a government employee who “gets it,” you are a rare bird indeed. Kudos for coming forward.

  3. Haven’t you guys figured it out yet. Its in the best interest of democrats to keep people stupid. Schools don’t teach practical skills things like deductive reasoning, or useful life skills like, how to balance your check book. You learn that stuff from your parents.

    If the state were to actually help the 12% of unemployed Californians with financial incentives to home school their kids, thus alleviating classroom overcrowding, and reducing the need of state run day care facilities. Would that not save the state money and help out struggling voters; paying people to actually parent their kids?

  4. Post

    I guess you could say, I’ve been “outed”, I’ve now come out of the “closet”.

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