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Victory for Justice in National City

Friday, April 22, 2011
posted by B-Daddy

IJ Client Carlos Barragan Jr. at the CYAC gym in National City.

The Institute for Justice has obtained a victory in the long running dispute between National City and the Community Youth Athletic Center, which was designated as blighted in order to allow seizure of the gym by the city so that an influential developer can build luxury condos. Dean previously posted on this subject. National City took the route of declaring the area “blighted” by paying a private consultant to produce a report allegedly proving the blight. However, they then refused to provide the details of the report.

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Former Republican Gronke Wants Your Property

Saturday, May 1, 2010
posted by Criticus

Former Republican Steve Gronke, now a candidate for County Supervisor in the 5th District, has changed a lot more than his party registration lately.  The Vista City Councilman sees redevelopment dollars as an open checkbook for municipal real estate speculation , and anyone who won’t sell to him faces the threat of government-enforced eminent domain.  Despite Vista’s budget woes, Gronke is leading the charge to spend millions buying up real estate for his city’s redevelopment authority.

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