You’re Not Worthy (Of Darren Pudgil)

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UPDATE: The inevitable apology.

“In my attempt to defend someone I greatly admire – a former police chief who knows something about courage – I said something I shouldn’t have. I’ve called Vince and apologized. We all feel strongly about making our city better, and we will continue to work together.”


Darren Pudgil

Darren Pudgil (pictured), the ever-helpful spokesman for San Diego Mayor Jerry Sanders, is once again in the news. From the Union-Tribune’s Jeff McDonald: “So Vince Mudd likes to question the courage of the mayor and City Council,” communications director Darren Pudgil wrote on Facebook. “It’s always nice to get a lesson in courage from a person who has made a career of selling office furniture.”

Here’s the story from Voice of San Diego’s Liam Dillon.

More about Vince Mudd here.

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