Wonk Wednesday Welcomes Sean Karafin to the San Diego Scene

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Rostrafarians, isn’t it just like a cool breeze on an unseasonably warm evening when you find out there’s a new wonk at work in San Diego?

In a fittingly timed announcement on Wonk Wednesday, Sean Karafin has been named Economic Policy Analyst for the San Diego County Taxpayers Association (SDCTA). Karafin brings formal education in economics, and experience working with numerous municipalities in California conducting economic analysis to his new role with SDCTA. As Economic Policy Analyst, Karafin conducts public policy analysis and contributes to the advocacy efforts of SDCTA.  His professional concentration has, and continues to be, providing sound research and analysis to support efficient and effective governance.

“SDCTA has an incredibly strong team in place to serve its mission on behalf of the taxpayers,” said Lutar. “Polls consistently rate us as the most ‘influential’ and ‘trusted’ public policy institution in San Diego. We don’t take that trust for granted. Adding Sean Karafin to our team increases SDCTA’s capacity to effectively protect our region’s individual and business taxpayers, and provide them with detailed analysis and an independent approach to every issue.”

“The San Diego County Taxpayers Association plays an extremely important role in the San Diego region,” said Karafin. “I feel strongly about the Association’s mission and I am excited to contribute to it. I’ve spent my career helping local governments, often in difficult economic positions, make quality, research-based decisions. I hope to contribute, through SDCTA, to the debate over how best to do this for my hometown.”

A native San Diegan, Karafin received his master’s degree in Business Economics from the University of California, Santa Barbara after receiving a bachelor’s degree in Economics from San Diego State University.  Upon graduation, Karafin joined Applied Development Economics in the San Francisco Bay Area as an Associate Economist. Karafin worked with numerous municipalities to make economic and fiscal policy decisions based on comprehensive research and sound analysis. Karafin contributed to several Comprehensive Economic Development Strategies (CEDS) and participated in economic and fiscal impact analyses for a variety of clients.

Prior to joining SDCTA, Karafin was a Research Analyst with BW Research Partnership in North San Diego County. The consulting firm specializes in workforce development primary research including survey design and analysis.

We look forward to your work on behalf of the region’s taxpayers, Sean! And shout out to my fellow Clairemont native, woot!

DISCLAIMER: In addition to both hailing from Clairemont, SDCTA is a client of my public relations consulting firm, the Falcon Valley Group.


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  1. SEAN: “Hello everyone, my name is Sean.”

    ROSTRAFARIANS: “Hello, Sean.”

    SEAN: “I’m a … wonk.”

    ROSTRAFARIANS: “We’re here for you, Sean.”


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